Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Children's Museum with Miss Sarah

We were out of school on Wednesday and were so excited to spend the day with Miss Sarah.  We headed to the Children's Museum for a day of fun!

The Jolly Days exhibit was open and the slide was up.

It is always a favorite.

Ice fishing.  This boys has loved Jolly Days since he was little.  Sometimes I just wish we could go back for a little bit and see him little again.

Measuring his catch.

Playing cards with a giant deck, it's tougher than you would think.


They all love Miss Sarah!

Cooking is serious.

Can you tell Park was thrilled to have Miss Sarah for the day.

Super heroes!

Listening to an archeologist.
Sawyer loved playing dinosaurs.
Miss Sarah and Baylor.  We had a great time and loved spending the day with Miss Sarah.  We love having her home.

My baby.

The carousel is always fun.

He's getting so big.
Holding up the wall.
A little couch potato.
Such a fun day!

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