Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Fun

Breakfast helper.
Crazy hair
Morning music time.
Big boy.
Just like Daddy.
He's getting better at driving.
Parker likes to watch his big brothers play.

A little baseball.
Sprinkler fun.
Pop made it back from his quick trip to Santa Fe. Mimi and Pop came over for dinner. Tom grilled chicken, yum!

We were so happy to have another day in the weekend. We all slept in and took our time in the morning. Daddy cooked a big breakfast with the help of the boys. They made french toast, sausage, hash browns, cinnamon rolls, and eggs. After breakfast we played outside and did some work outside. Parker and I ran a few errands and Daddy and the boys stayed at home. We had the sprinkler back out to cool off after playing hard. It was a great day.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Adventures

Handsome Hurst boys before church.

Coop being brave with Daddy.
Watching the show.

He's not too sure of the float.
Ready for fun.
He's off.
Happier when he's held.
He was so excited.
What a fun treat to do with just Daddy.
He told me all about the fun when he got home.
What a busy Sunday we had! We had a jam packed day of fun. The day started out with church and breakfast at Cafe 52. Mimi went with us to breakfast since Pop was still gone. After breakfast we came home and changed and then went to a horse show. The farm where Baylor takes horse back riding lessons hosts a horse show for the students. Mimi watched Parker and the big boys went to the farm. They liked watching the kids in the show and seeing all the horses and ponies. We were able to spend time in the barn and visit all the horses.
Baylor's teacher was there and got Louis out for us to see and visit. After the horse show we picked up Parker and headed to Mama and Papa's pool. It was another HOT day and it felt so nice to be in the water. The boys love to swim and had so much fun with Tom. This was Parker's first time in the water and I am not sure he was a huge fan yet. He liked it better when I held him in the water. He did leave his hat on which was a bonus. After swimming we came home for a nap which everyone was happy about. At night Daddy and Baylor went to Crash-a-rama at the Speedrome. It was a surprise for Baylor and he loved it. They raced and crashed campers, buses, boats, trailers, etc. They had a great time together and really enjoyed the night. Cooper, Parker, and I went to Mimi's house for dinner and then Coop played in the sprinkler at her house. He loves the sprinkler and he enjoyed time alone and being the center of attention. It was a great day filled with fun.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Indianapolis 500 Parade

The Italian Ice in baseball hats was a big hit.
They loved the race cars.

We were in a great spot.
Daddy and Baylor.

Daddy borrowed Baylor's sunglasses.

I love these boys so.

Walking with Daddy.

We bought tickets for the parade before the heat wave started and we thought it was going to be super hot! Mimi decided she would watch Parker and send Tom with us instead. We were so excited when we got to our seats and they were totally in the shade. We had great seats and were in the shade the entire time. The boys really enjoyed the parade and had a great time. We saw lots of characters, big balloons, floats, and lots of bands. Cooper was busy waving to them all. The boys had ice cream and cotton candy which was also a big hit. It was a great day and lots of fun!

Friday, May 28, 2010

We Love You Uncle Joe!

Coop loves Uncle Joe.
Parker's happy to see his uncle.
Baylor has loved spending the night with Mimi, Pop, and Uncle Joe while Daddy was out of town.
Coop reading to make Mimi happy.
Uncle Joe came over to see the boys tonight and love on them before he left for Santa Fe. Pop and Joe were driving all the way there and were leaving really early Saturday morning. The boys kept hugging him over and over again. Mimi was crying and Coop kept trying to make her happy. He said I know what will make you happy, I will read you a book. He was so sweet. We have loved having Joe home and will miss him so much. We are so excited for him and all the opportunities that await him this summer. When Joe was walking down the driveway with Mimi Baylor ran out to say Love You one more time and then ran inside crying. He laid in our bed for a long time with big tears. I felt so bad for him! He really does love his Uncle Joe and misses him when he is gone.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daddy's Home!!!

The boys helped Daddy unpack and tried on his ties.
Coop loved the hot tea.
Joe and Mama.
Parker is such a good baby.
He loves his Mimi.

We survived another long business trip and were so glad to welcome Daddy home today. He had been gone since Sunday and it felt like a long time. The boys really missed him! Since Uncle Joe was home he picked Chinese for dinner and we all went to Yen Ching for dinner. Mama went with us too! We had a great meal and enjoyed our time with Daddy and Uncle Joe.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bible Study Family Cookout

What a great group of girls.
He had fun playing with all the kids.
Grant hit the ball really far. Baylor had fun batting with Grant and Gran'ts dad.

Maddy was sharing her end of the year school book with Nicole.
Jack and his Daddy.
Eli is so cute, I could just eat him up.
Austin helped hold Parker while I got the boys in their suits.
Water fun.
Eli had fun playing too. He will be walking before long.

"Uncle" Carl held Parker while I got the boys food.
What happened Drew?
The water was a big hit.
Coop, Baylor, Andy, and Brian.
Nolan likes to take it all in.
Coop was swinging with Carl.
The boys didn't have much interest in food, too much playing to do. Cooper did take a plate in the car and ate on the way home.
Eli and Jack going for a ride.

They have a great swingset.
This spring I have had the privilege to be in a bible study with such a great group of friends. We have been doing Beth Moore's Psalms of Ascent. Each Wednesday we meet at Sarah Beck's house for discussion time and to watch the video on the next week. I have really enjoyed the fellowship and the study. Tonight we had an all family cookout and had such a great time. I was hesitant to go by myself since Tom is out of town but am so glad I went. The boys had a wonderful time and really did great. Between us all there were 15 kids, 14 boys and precious Maddy. Sarah lives in a beautiful old farm house and has such beautiful property and a great place for kids to play. They all had a wonderful time playing outside with the toys, swingset, and sprinkler. It really felt like a summer night and was so much fun. I am so thankful for this great group of friends! In July we are going to be starting Breaking Free by Beth Moore and I am so excited.