Saturday, June 30, 2012

First Day with Pop

 Saturday morning we were up and ready to go to the beach.  The seaweed had finally made it to shore after the tropical storm but it was a nice day on the water.
 Coop was determined to catch fish in his little net today.  He actually caught two little fish all on his own!  Way to go Cooper!
 Beach bum.
 Fishing with Pop.
 He was busy digging.
 He likes the great big shovels.
 Lots of skim boarding again today.
 Coop is so determined for a four year old.  He wants to be able to do whatever Baylor does.
 He falls down and gets right back up.
Pop helped them throw their boards.
 In motion.
 Love the sky here.
 Building in the shade.  This picture looks like they are playing so nicely together but the sound is edited out:).  I'm sure they were arguing over something, just kind of where we are at right now.
 We found some sand dollars.
 Pop surprised Mom and I with a fun night out.  We all went to Demetrio's for dinner and then dropped off the boys and Mom and I headed to the Asolo theatre for a play.  Pop bought us tickets to the theatre and provided his babysitting services.  They had movie night at the condo and watched Pirates of the Carribbean.  It was a fun and quiet night!
The show was great and was so much fun.  Afterwards we went to get ice cream and enjoy a few last minutes of peace and quiet.  Thanks Pop for a fun night!!!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

InstaFriday: June 29

Here's a look at our past two weeks via my phone.  You can follow me on instagram, jessieannhurst.
I can't believe June is almost over, slow down time!  I don't want summer to be over!!!!
1. Life with boys.
2. Quiet cartoon morning while B was at art camp.
3. Packing.
4. Baylor on the slip n slide at Maddy's house.  Love this pic!
5. Art work.
6.  Love this of Daddy and our baseball champion.
7. Splash park love.
8. Slip n slide love.
9. Old blog pictures of Maddy and Baylor.  They look like babies.

1. He's my dish washer unloading helper.  He can reach up high.
2. The big boys before VBS, they had a great week.
3. Park and Uncle Joe.
4. Early morning ride to the airport=tired boys.
5. Covered in paint after art camp.
6. A giant shark he made for his room at art camp.  He had a great week.
1. On our way from the airport I saw this road, Sawyer Road, in Sarasota.  Can't believe our littlest guy will be here soon.
2. Breakfast chef, he made us french toast.
3. Madagascar 3 and Lids with Daddy for the big boys.
4. A game of cards before bed with Daddy.
5. Coop fell asleep before the movie.
6. Parker fell asleep on the way home from the outlet mall.
7. Wet work party, ponchos and all.
8. The balloon swords were a hit.
9. JoTo  for dinner.  The chef was so nice to the boys and gave them melted chocolate for dessert.
Snail hunting was so much fun!  The rain brought them out.  We found lots and the boys loved it.  I liked it too!!!
1. More chocolate.
2.  The first sunny beach day.
3. New surfboards for Baylor's new room.
4. Playing legos while his brothers were at art camp.
5. The waves were huge during Tropical Storm Debby.
6.  We saw Brave during the storm.
7.  Shopping with boys.
8. Watching the trash truck is so much fun.
9. Parker loves to dig.

life rearranged
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Pool Days

Thursday and Friday the boys had their last two days or art class.
 While they were gone Mimi and I took Park to the pool.  He enjoyed having us all to himself and really having the whole pool to himself.
 When the boys got back we had lunch and then they wanted to swim.
 We let them decide so we went two days without going to the beach and just spent time playing and swimming at the pool.
 They were happy campers.
 They are busy busy in the pool.
 Which also means great naps!
 Baylor never takes a nap at home anymore but has fell asleep reading or playing his DS during nap over the past few days.

 On Friday night we went to Gilligan's for dinner.  Parker wanted to sit by this pirate but then he decided he was a little scared and didn't want to get too close.
 Baylor and Park sat by each other.
 Cooper at dinner.  We sat outside and they had live music so it was a great spot for us.
 Pirate boys.
 We found another surfboard for Baylor's room at the surf shop behind the restaurant.
 We stopped and got some mini donuts to eat for dessert later in the night.  They were tasty.
We went to the beach and then the pool.  Pop got in around midnight and we are excited to spend the week with him!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sharky's Kid's Night

 Last night was kid's night at Sharky's.  We love going there, it is so much fun.
 Checking out the crabs.
 The racers.
 We had to wait a few minutes for a table and B sat with Mimi.
The boys were excited for face painting.  Baylor picked a shark on his arm.

 Looks good.
 Coop knew right away he wanted Spiderman on his face.
 The view from our table.
 Parker was going to get a pirate face but afer he saw Coop he changed his mind.  Parker as Peter Parker.
 Coop and Mimi.
 Cheering on the crabs.
Love my big boy!  He was crying on the way to dinner because it was Daddy's last night.  He's a big Daddy's boy.
 Another race.
While we waited for the last race we walked out on the pier.  
The last race.
 Both big boys won on the last race.  They were happy.
They both got to pick prizes.
We are excited that  we get to go to kid's night two more times.

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