Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Swimming Through the Rain

Tuesday morning the big boys went to art class again.  The rain was not as strong and there were moments of clear skies so the boys really wanted to go to the pool.  
We swam after lunch and lasted through a few little showers.
Then it started to downpour and the wind really picked up so we called it a day and headed in for a snack and nap.
They were happy to be outside!
Daddy was home for dinner and his pick was Hooters.
It was tasty and loud which is perfect for our crew.
Daddy and the big boys drove to Yoder's after dinner to get us dessert.  I was excited for a piece of butterscotch pie!
When we got home Tom and I took the boys for a night swim.
It was a perfect night to swim.
They were having fun in the pool and having it to themselves.
They all love to have Daddy throw them.  After swimming we came in for a snack and a game of cards before bed.  They were all worn out!
We were all happy to talk to Uncle Joe too and wish him a Happy Birthday!!!  He had a great birthday in Vegas, we missed being with him.

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