Friday, June 15, 2012

Last Day of Outdoor Camp: Water Day

Friday was the last day of outdoor fun camp.
The boys were to wear their swim suits and bring a towel for a day of water games and outdoor water fun.
The families were then invited for a picnic at the park.
Cooper thought the water was awesome!
Baylor loved the water balloons.
The teachers at preschool are so much fun and my boys love them!
I was so happy Mimi went with me for the picnic.

They had hot dogs for lunch.
Baylor sat with some of his friends that he met through the week.  There were 2 seven year old boys and 2 eight year old boys that he had fun with all week long.

The park next to preschool is so nice.
Mimi pushed Park on the swings.
I pushed Coop.
Baylor had fun playing baseketball with the older boys.
After camp we went to Keystone to get the bedding and items for Baylor's new surfing bedroom.  He is so excited!

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