Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Disney Day

On Tuesday morning we were up early and left a little after 7:00 am to head to Disney for the day with the Schultz family.  Our gang was excited for a fun filled day.  Of course we had to see Mickey and Minnie.

Parker still loves Mickey and wants to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all of the time!
Eli and Mickey.
Kate and Eli.
The five kids with the big guy and gal.
We ate lunch at the Crystal Palace with Pooh and his friends.
Kate's first time to Disney.
Daddy and Baylor.

Piglet love.
The boys still love all of the characters.  Baylor is getting bigger and wiser about things but he still goes along and enjoys the experience.
We all love Tigger.
Park and Pooh.
Eli and Park enjoyed looking for fish and watching the ducks out the window.  It's funny to hear them talk to each other.
Oh bother!
Two two year olds.
Mommy and Park waiting for Dumbo.
After every ride he would say do it again.  He wanted to ride everything more than once.
Daddy and Coop.
Carl and Kate.
Our list of rides for the day.
1. Magic Carpets.
2. Pirates.
3. Visit Mickey and Minnie.
4. Lunch with Pooh.
5. Thunder Mountain (Cooper's first time to ride, and he loved it!)
6. Small World.
7. Mickey's Philharmagic.
8. Indy 500 Race Cars.
9. Dumbo.
10. Wedway People Mover.
11. Buzz Lightyear.
12. Winnie the Pooh.
13. Peter Pan.
14. Carousel of Progress.
15. Space Mountain.
The only ride the boys missed was Splash Mountain because of weather.  They had a fast pass and were in line but the ride kept closing because of thunder in the area.  We did have to get through a few showers during the day but we ended up staying pretty dry and keeping the strollers dry too.  We finished the day on Main Street and got souvenirs and a few tasty treats at the bakery for the drive back to the beach.  The kids were able to watch the parade on the way out.  It was another fun day at Disney.

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