Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hot Wheels at the Children's Museum

We have been excited to visit the new Hot Wheels exhibit at the Children's Museum.  After camp we headed downtown for a day of fun with Mimi.
The exhibit was awesome!
They did such a great job.  I think it may be one of my favorites.
Baylor with the 69 Hurst Oldsmobile.
It was neat to see the real cars and the Hot Wheels they made to replicate.
Driving a motorcycle.  This is the only type he will ever be on!
Parker loved all the tracks and ramps you could race your cars on.  This was such a hands on exhibit.
There was a long track attached to the wall that you would send your cars down and then go down a slide.  It was by far the favorite.

Lots of cars.
Future drivers.
Stunt motorcycle drivers, oh my!
Looks like trouble.
Not sure about this face.
A packed car.
Since the exhibit we have been playing with Hot Wheels and have the whole tub of cars out again.  The boys all loved this fun exhibit.
We also did the Treasures of the Earth.  Park going diving.
Doing a little digging.
Then he wanted to clean up the area with the brush.
With his long hair and goggles you can barely see his face.
Digging partners in a moment where they were getting along.  They can have so much fun together and then know exactly how to push each other's buttons.
We ended our day at Scienceworks.

Baylor had fun playing with the parachute.
The time always goes so fast at the museum.  There is always so much to do!  We love our museum!

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