Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Super pals together again!
They were so happy to see Pop!
Next time he comes to the beach he will be 2.
Feeding the birds.
Here birdie birdie!

We were able to go to the beach and the pool this morning before heading to the airport. Baylor had fun playing with Lee one last time. He was able to feed the seagulls and run up and down the beach. He waved goodbye to the ocean and made me cry. I am always sad to leave the beach. It truly is a place of renewal and pure beauty. When we were waiting for the taxi it started to rain. Mimi told Baylor the clouds were crying because we were going home. The boys did great flying but it was a long day. We were all so excited to see Daddy and Pop waiting for us at the airport. Baylor ran right into his Daddy's arms. It was so sweet. It really does feel good to be home. Home truly is where your family is and we feel complete.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Last Full Day

Last day to play all day!
Here comes the sun!
I am so happy the sun is out.
He is so happy!
He went on a golf cart ride with Jim. Baylor loves Jim and think he is great.

This morning we woke up to rainy skies but by 11:30 the sun was out and shining brightly. Hallelujah! We had a great day at the beach and went on a long walk looking for shells. Baylor and Mimi are going to make a treasure chest that is decorated with shells and a picture frame. He is so excited. The pool was really busy today and Baylor had fun playing with Lee and Henry. He was really brave. We went back to Demetrio's for one more time and had another great meal. The sunset was beautiful again and the clouds were so spectacular. It brought tears to my eyes. I am so sad to leave and I always think how much bigger the boys will be when we come back. When I look at pictures of them by the ocean and at the beach from last year I can't believe how much bigger they are and how fast they grow. We have had a wonderful time and look forward to our next visit to the beach and our home away from home!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


How do I love thee?
They were racing up and down the beach.
What a great night.
Baylor wanted his picture with Mr. Demetrio.
Lee and Baylor
Resting on the raft.
Getting cooled off by Cooper.

Trying out the raft.
He is a roamer at the beach and likes to visit every spot. He took a seat in this chair in one spot.

Today was a beautiful day. We stayed at the beach for such a long time today, we didn't even eat lunch until it was almost 3:00. Baylor had so much fun playing with his friend, Lee, he did not want to leave. He is sad he has to leave and she just got here on Saturday. They have played since Baylor was a baby. They had a great time at the beach and pool. She is going to be in third grade but is so nice to Baylor and about his size and they have so much fun. The ocean was great today and they enjoyed riding the boogie board and laying on a raft. Cooper was able to play by the shore and fill his watering can with water over and over. Baylor had fun diving for fish at the pool with Lee and worked hard to keep up with her. Cooper tried to keep up with the big kids too. He dunks his whole head under the water. Tonight we went back to Demetrio's for another delicious dinner. The sunset was gorgeous with a brilliant afterglow. It was a night to say, "Good Job God". We went for a swim after the beach and then headed in for snack before bed. Tomorrow is our last beach day and we are so sad. We love the beach!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Board Brothers

Go Baylor!
Modeling at the beach.
This is so much fun!
We love to eat outside!

The king of the sea!

He loves his Mimi!

There was lots of cloud cover at the beach today which was perfect for us to play. We stayed a long time and had fun with the boogie boards by the shore. Both boys were quite busy in the waves today. Baylor had fun playing in the sand with Henry. They dug a big hole and filled it with water and had boat races. They had a great time, but Henry did not want Cooper to play. It was hard to keep him away. We enjoyed the pool all to ourselves this afternoon since it was Saturday. Our favorite day! Tonight we went back to St. Armands for the last time. We ate at the pizza place and had a great dinner. Baylor wanted to make sure and hit the shell store one more time to get more treasures. He has several pieces of sea glass, shells, and starfish. He wants to clear off his dresser and put his new treasures there. He has decided he wants to get a job there when he gets older and live close to the beach. His mom will have to follow him and I would love to live by the beach!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Joe

Making a cake for Uncle Joe. We love you Uncle Joe!
The crab was a new addition to the sand scape.
Making cookies together.
Having a great time.
Playing ball together. Cooper tried to keep up with the big kids.

Today is Uncle Joe's birthday and we were sad not to be with him. We sang him happy birthday on his phone and were able to talk to him at dinner. He is in New York at a music colony and is very busy. I know the boys miss him so much. We had lots of fun at the beach today. The boys had fun playing with the girls. It was their last beach day and the cloud cover let us play outside for a long time without getting hot. We went to Word of Mouth again for dinner and had a very tasty meal. It is becoming one of our new favorite restaurants here. It was another great day and we are cherishing the time we have left.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


We love the beach!
Aren't they cute?
My beach baby!
Playing in the sand.
Jumping for the kite.
The ice cream was yummy!
We were busy at the beach playing today with all our friends. Baylor is having so much fun with the sisters and they play so well together. Cooper likes to wander from spot to spot. We spent a long time at the pool this afternoon and had fun swimming. We tried a new restaurant tonight that has been here forever but we had never been too. We were able to get back to the beach for sunset and it was lovely. Ellie, Lauren, and Katherine were there and the boys had so much fun playing with them. They were so cute running around the beach. We went to the pool again before coming in for the night. We are getting sad that our beach days are coming to an end. Baylor said tonight he loves the beach and could stay forever. He is my little beach baby!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Water and Sand

He is getting so big.
Double fisting his ice cream. He wanted to eat mine too.
Riding his pony again.
They were making a birthday cake.
The shark had lots of teeth.
This was so neat!

We all went on a walk today to the point of rocks. There was a great sand scape Cooper and I found early this morning that I wanted Baylor to see. We kept walking and ended up talking to a lady for a long time about a mansion that is being built down by the point. We thought it was condos but found out it is a private residence, it is unbelievable. The waves and current were big and strong today and the tide was so far in we had to keep moving our spot. Baylor and Cooper had fun playing with the girls again today. We had some excitement at the pool today when our umbrella blew over the fence. Luckily no one was hurt and it was retrieved quickly. It was really windy again today. We went to St. Armands tonight and ate at the Columbia again. It was delicious! We tried out a new ice cream place tonight which was very yummy. The boys enjoyed their cones. I think Coop really liked his cones!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sand Storm

Pretending to fly a kite with a towel. It was very windy again tonight.
Coop was determined to ride the kickboard in the waves.
Running in the sand.
Having fun in the sand.
He was so nice to the little girls.

This morning when we went to the beach it was like a sand storm. The windy was blowing so hard and the waves were enormous. The boys had fun playing with three sisters who were 3, 5, and 7. Baylor really had fun with the three year old little girl. They had fun playing in the sand but stayed away from the big waves. We went to the pool to cool off before heading to the outlet mall one more time. We ate lunch at Demetrio's and then ate dinner at the Hob Knob Drive In. We had a great day and found some great buys. Tonight we went to the beach and the pool before coming in for the night.