Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Beachy Day

We have loved going to Sharky's.
The restaurant is all decorated for the glorious 4th!
BMan ordered shrimp and salad and ate really well.
B's alligator.
Coop thinks it tickles.
Cheering on the crabs.
(Isn't that girl's face painting awesome.)
Baylor got to be the special helper and let the crabs out of the bucket.
Cute brothers cheering on the crabs!
Happy beach baby after nap.
Snoozing away in the shade.
Coop wouldn't look up so this is how B fixed the problem. Forced photography?
Hard at work.
He builds with the soul purpose of destroying!
He's getting so big!
Walking through the tunnels.
It was a little overcast this morning making for a perfect beach day for the all of us. We found a spot right by a big sand castle/ tunnel that had been broken down by the night rain but was great for the boys to play in. They had so much fun and had fun building (tearing down) the walls of the tunnels. The waves were big again but we took the boys out one at a time and they had lots of fun. Coop thought he was a big deal and was swimming in the big waves. Mimi and Baylor went to the pool after lunch for some quality Baylor time and we were going to join up a little later but after about 45 minutes of swimming the thunder started and it started to downpour. Thankfully for us it was nap time anyway and we still had the whole day outside. We went back to Sharky's tonight for our last kid's night. We have gone four weeks in a row! The boys love it there and had so much fun. It was raining but they still did the crab races and face painting under a tent. The boys both got alligators tonight on their arms and they were so cute. Baylor ordered shrimp for dinner and ate great. We were able to eat outside under the covered portion and we saw dolphins at dinner. We had another good night at Sharky's!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coop's Pick

They liked the big alligator. There are signs all over the dock though to not leave children alone and beware of alligators. That was enough for me to steer clear!
So sweet.
These two sure do know how to have fun and they love love love to have fun together.
The reason we ended up at the restaurant. This Great White Shark was actually caught in Phillippi Creek in November of 1998 and weighed 1478 pounds!
A little short for the sign.
Mr. Happy
Baylor liked the shrimp.
I love this picture for so many reasons!
Beach baby.
Great hair dude.
The big sea snake.
He wants to live by the beach just like his mom.
This morning we went to the beach and went on a long walk. Baylor and Cooper really just wanted to go to the pool but I talked them into a walk. We saw lots of sand sculptures along the way which really kept their attention. We saw a pig, hammerhead shark, crab, sea snake, mermaid, and a sand snowman. Some of them were really good. After the beach we went to the pool and swam. After lunch we all went back and had fun playing in the pool. While in the pool we were talking about where we wanted to go for dinner. Cooper told me he wanted to go to the place where the big shark is hanging so it won't get us. He was talking about Philippi Creek which he has never even been too but every time we drive past it he wants to go so we went tonight. We all really liked our food and had a great dinner. Baylor even ate 2 of Mimi's butterfly shrimp and really liked them. We finished eating right before the downpour started and got in the car just in time. Since it was raining we went to Walmart to get a few groceries before coming home.

Calling All Super Readers

Parker wanted in on the fun too!
Super Why!
With the power to read!
They were being super pals!
Mimi bought the boys these Super Why costumes and they have been busy being reading super heroes. They want to wear them all the time!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Big Waves

Love this water baby!
Playing ball together.
Parker and his pool toys.
Baylor had fun playing ball with Blake.
Blake's grandpa, Pop, taught the boys how to throw the ball like they skip a rock. They had so much fun.
This picture does not do the waves justice.
We didn't spend much time at the beach this morning because the waves were HUGE! The boys who are daredevils in the water were even scared. We went on a walk and then headed to the pool. This morning we had the pool to ourselves which was great. Later the boys played with a few other kids. After lunch we went back to the pool with Mimi and Parker. Parker was really playing in the pool today and had fun with his toys and watching the big boys. Tonight we went to dinner at El Adobe and then went to a few stores. We didn't go back to the beach because it was raining and there was lots of thunder and lightning. Dinner went so much better tonight than last night and Cooper stayed in his high chair the whole time!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hot Day!

Handsome boys before dinner.
This is before Cooper lost it!
He kicks his legs like crazy when he sees a popsicle. He is in love!
He is such a great little swimmer. He has been going under for rings on the steps.
Getting his rings set up.
He has had an ear ache from swimming in one ear and is wearing an ear plug and using ear drops. He says it feels much better.
He's working on kicking and using his arms.

It was really hot today and there was not much of a breeze at the beach but there sure were some big waves. We played in the sand for a bit and got in the water but not too far since it was wavy. Baylor was on a raft and Cooper had his tube on and it was hard to keep them together. I was glad when they were ready to head to the pool. They had fun playing in the pool today with some other little boys. It was raining at dinner time again and we headed to the Old Salty Dog on Longboat Key. They sat us inside right by the water which looked pretty but ended up being a scary place. There was no fence or gate and Cooper had a complete meltdown at dinner. He wanted to walk around but I was so nervous with the water right there. He has done so good every night at dinner but he did not want to stay in his high chair, another chair, our lap, or the stroller. Thankfully Baylor and Parker were great at dinner. Sometimes you just never know! The highlight was seeing two dolphins play right by our table. They were so close! When we got home we went to the beach because we heard fireworks. Cooper stayed in his stroller which made clean up a breeze.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Joe!

His first time to hold a popsicle. I only let him hold it for a minute or he could choke himself but he sure thinks he is big.
Can you tell he is proud?
Coop in a tube in a tube.
Going on a lobster cruise.
He got all the rings!
What a happy baby.
Baylor and Mimi spotted this beautiful rainbow after dinner.
Checking out the rainbow,
Saturday, our very favorite day, is here again! This morning we said goodbye to the sisters and Lee. The boys had so much fun with them. We also went out and told Santa goodbye before he left and he told the boys he would be checking up on them until Christmas. He was so nice! When Uncle Joe woke up we called him and sang Happy Birthday! We miss being with him on his birthday. He sure is an awesome uncle and great little brother! We Love You JOE JOE! We went to the beach and then spent the majority of the day at the pool since we had it to ourselves. We went to St. Armands and ate at the pizza place. It looked like rain and started to pour as soon as we walked into the restaurant. Everyone who was outside eating had to come in and then we had to wait for a table for close to 45 minutes. It was pouring though so there was no where to go. The boys were great waiting and were really good during dinner. Parker even fell asleep on my lap during dinner. After eating we walked around and the boys had ice cream.