Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Six Months Parker

Happy Six Month Birthday Sweet Boy Of Mine!
I love you so!
Your smile makes me so happy.
You are such a happy baby.
On your 1/2 birthday your pal Eli celebrated his first birthday. We sang to him from the beach!
On your six month birthday you slept at the beach and
swam in the pool.
Parker today you are six months old! I can't believe you are half way to your first birthday. You truly bring so much JOY to our lives and we love you so! You are such a happy baby and smile at us all the time. You are babbling up a storm and have started to mimic some sounds. If you ask me it sounds like you are saying "mama" but I may be hearing things. You love it when we sing to you and your big brother does a great job of getting you to settle down. You and Mimi are big pals to and she is great at getting you to go to sleep. You have started eating cereal and love it. There have been no problems getting you to eat. You have also had applesauce, pears, and squash and love it all. You have had water in a sippy cup and bottle and think you are a big boy. You love to watch your big brothers play and are starting to reach for their toys. There are no signs of teeth in your mouth yet but you are chewing on things like crazy. You have some new teething toys that you really like. Since we have been on vacation I haven't weighed you in a few weeks but I can tell you are getting bigger. We go to Dr. Greenfield when we get home so I will know all your statistics. You are mostly wearing 12 and 18 month clothes. You can wear a few 9 month outfits but most are way too tight. You are wearing a size 4 diaper but sometimes I think Cooper's size 6 diapers fit better. You are Cooper wear the same size swim diapers. You have some really nice rolls that I love to kiss. You are really ticklish under your arms, on your neck and around your knees. You really laugh when you are tickled. You roll both ways and can scoot on your tummy to get things. I can't leave you on the floor for long because you end up rolling into furniture. You push up on your arms and can rock on your legs. It won't be too long and you will be on the move. You can sit up with support and are getting close to being able to do it by yourself. You still roll to one side or the other if I let you go right now. You rarely ever cry for very long but get the most upset when riding in your car seat for long periods of time or when it is dark outside. You are taking a long morning nap and a long afternoon nap with a few little cat naps here and there depending on where we are. Parker I feel so blessed to be your mommy and am so thankful for you. We all love you!

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Nicole said...

Aww! We wish we could have been on the beach while you sang to Mr. Eli! :o) Happy 6 Months Parker! I think you have grown and your looks have changed in just the short time since I saw you last. You are so handsome!