Friday, June 18, 2010

Toy Story 3

So excited!
We've been waiting for this movie!
He took his Buzz with him.
Mimi got him a snack pack, he was super happy.
Parker was such a good boy during the movie. Woody is his favorite.
After the movie we rode the trackless train around the mall. It was so cute. The ride lasted for over 10 minutes.

Ready for a race.
Parker has been busy watching his brothers play. He can't wait until he can get in on the action.
Having fun.
He has a great imagination.
The boys with their Buzz cases of action figures.

The boys woke up excited this morning because they knew the movie Toy Story 3 was out today. It seems like we have been on a Toy Story kick since Christmas when they each got several Toy Story toys. We were all excited to see the new movie. Before we left we went to the beach to play with the girls since some of them leave today. The boys had fun fishing with them and looking for sand fleas. After the beach we went for a quick swim at the pool to clean off before the movie. :) The boys wore their Toy Story shirts and took a few action figures with them. They were so ready. The movie was fabulous. I loved it and thought it was so cute. Baylor was smiling the entire time and really enjoyed it. I was crying in the movie and Coop kept asking why I was crying. It was sweet and quite sentimental. What a fun movie.

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