Monday, June 28, 2010

Big Waves

Love this water baby!
Playing ball together.
Parker and his pool toys.
Baylor had fun playing ball with Blake.
Blake's grandpa, Pop, taught the boys how to throw the ball like they skip a rock. They had so much fun.
This picture does not do the waves justice.
We didn't spend much time at the beach this morning because the waves were HUGE! The boys who are daredevils in the water were even scared. We went on a walk and then headed to the pool. This morning we had the pool to ourselves which was great. Later the boys played with a few other kids. After lunch we went back to the pool with Mimi and Parker. Parker was really playing in the pool today and had fun with his toys and watching the big boys. Tonight we went to dinner at El Adobe and then went to a few stores. We didn't go back to the beach because it was raining and there was lots of thunder and lightning. Dinner went so much better tonight than last night and Cooper stayed in his high chair the whole time!

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