Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Baylor and Cooper with Goofy pirate.
Eli loved the characters.
He was such a happy baby.
Baylor's first time on Space Mountain.
A little break to cool off.
Coop taking a little nap on Daddy in line for pirates.
Baylor loves Carl. He was holding his hand in line.
Parker's first time to ride Winnie the Pooh.
Looking handsome.
Eeyore and BMan.
Parker and Eeyore.

So cute!
Giving him five.
So sweet!
Coop, Baylor, and Piglet.
They both like to bounce.
Hi Pooh!
4 boys with Mickey and Minnie.
We love Mickey and Minnie!

Our stroller brigade.
Parker's first time at Disney!

This morning we left around 7:00 to head to the Magic Kingdom. The boys did great in the car which was such a blessing. We took the little DVD player and they watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and The Three Mouseketeers. Parker slept the entire time. We only had to make one pit stop before getting there. We made it into the park right around 10:00. The boys were so excited and all ready to have a fun day. The boys looked so cute in their matching Mickey pirate shirts. Our first stop was to Toontown to see Mickey and we got fastpasses to Space Mountain. The boys loved Mickey and Minnie. It was Parker and Eli's first time to meet the famous mouse. After Mickey we went on Cinderella's Carousel. It was then time for lunch with Pooh and friends. We all had a great lunch and the kids loved seeing Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet. Parker slept through most of lunch but was able to see a few characters. They sang Happy Birthday to Eli and gave him a little cupcake, he turns 1 on June 22. After lunch it was time for Space Mountain. We did the baby swap and used our fastpasses. Baylor was so excited and loved his first time on the ride. He was able to go twice and kept his arms up the whole time. He has no fear! Our next ride was Winnie the Pooh and then Phillhar Magic. Afterwards we went to Buzz Lightyear and the Wedway People Mover. Coop was asleep in Parker's stroller at this time so I carried Parker for close to two hours. My arms were sore but it was good that Cooper slept. We then headed to Pirates and saw Goofy after the ride. We had a little ice cream break before going on the Magic Carpets. We then went to dinner and Carl, Tom, and Baylor went to Thunder Mountain with our fast passes. When they got back it was time for Small World and Peter Pan. To end the day we saw the Electrical Light Parade. For the summer they are using the old parade from when we were little. I loved watching it. We did a little shopping on our way out and were able to watch some of the fireworks. It was a great day and lots of fun! The four boys were awesome and did so great! It was a late night and we finally got home around 12:45.


d_freestone said...

Talk about a jam packed day!!! It looked like EVERYONE was happy!!

megan elizabeth said...

So fun Jessie! It looks like you all had a blast. I sure do miss it and miss you!