Friday, June 11, 2010


Happy beach baby.
Buddies with Carl.
Having fun.

Eli taking a snooze.
He loves to play with the watering can.
Look at that face!
Smiley face.
He loves to swim.
Yum !
Parker had a bite of Mommy's peach ice cream.
Eli loves ice cream too.
What a sticky mess.
Today was our last day with Carl, Nicole, and Eli. The boys have had so much fun with the Schultz family. Baylor thinks Carl is his best friend and Coop keeps calling Eli his pal. We all went to the beach this morning. We played in the sand and spent lots of time in the water. Daddy, Carl, Coop, and Baylor spent lots of time playing in the water. It was a great day to be in the ocean and very calm. In the afternoon we went to the pool and enjoyed cooling off. We have had a great time and the boys have had a blast. Tonight we went to St. Armands and ate at Venezia. I had Hawaiian pizza which was great. Parker was so noisy at dinner that we had to take turns taking him out. He wasn't crying but just talking in his high pitch squeal. At times it is like Parker and Eli talk back and forth in their shrill voice. We ended the night with ice cream from Kilwin's. It was super hot and melted fast! Coop was a huge mess but he sure did enjoy his Superman ice cream.

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