Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baylor's Halloween Party

Then it was time for Baylor's party!  They wear costumes and have an all school parade to start the party.
Baylor and Sydney.
Baylor's class.
Mrs. Meyer with her students.
Lined up for the parade.
Since I was in charge of the party I wasn't sure how Sawyer would do so Mimi went with me and kept him all cozy and asleep.  I was so thankful she was there.
Since it was cold and windy the parade was in the gym.
I loved seeing all the student and staff.  Miss Emily is a cadet this year and was in my class when she was in first and second grade, how is that possible????
They gym was packed!
Katie was an Angry Bird.  Some of the costumes were so unique, loved the Jelly Belly costume.
Andrew Luck!
Loved the fourth grade team costumes.
They gym was packed.
It was a fun party.
I had four games for the kids to rotate in groups through.
They had pumpkin toss, pumpkin ring toss, mummy wrap, and pumpkin corn hole.

Getting wrapped.
They had Halloween cupcakes and drinks for snack.  During snack we played Halloween Jingo.
They loved playing and had a great party.

Happy Halloween

 In the words of Cooper, "Let's get this party started".  We have Spiderman, Andrew Luck, a giraffe, and Jake.

 Happy Halloween from our family.
 Our first stop was to Mimi's house for a spooky dinner.
 Yummy cookies.
 Mr. Giraffe.
 We were so happy Joe was home.
 Mimi was the Evil Queen.  She takes this role seriously when the doorbell rings.  Mimi and Pop gave the boys Denver Broncos footballs, they were happy.
 Sawyer snoozed during dinner.
 Mummy dogs.
 Mimi makes things so fun.

 Then it was time to trick or treat.
 Getting all ready.
 It was a chilly night.
 They all piled in the golf cart.
 Trick or treat.
 They got lots of candy.
 Then we headed to church for the Harvest Hoedown.
 Jump Jump!
 The Incredibles.
 Jack and Sawyer.
 Baylor loved all the inflatables.
 So fun!
 Jacob and Sawyer.
 Cotton candy, a great way to end a fun night.
 They were all sweaty and sticky!
Such a fun night with friends and family!
Happy Halloween!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Early Trick or Treating

On Tuesday night we made our rounds trick or treating.  We ate dinner with Daddy at Panera when he got home from the airport and then we headed out.  Our first stop was Aunt Von's house.  Coop was excited to see Emme.
Sarah and Baylor.

Aunt Von and Sawyer.
Parker was a little wound up, being a pirate can do that to you.
Love his smile.
Baylor and his treats.
Yeah for candy!
Sawyer with Sarah.
Then it was off to Mama's house.
Mama and Jake.
Papa and Andrew Luck.
Papa with the littles.
Sawyer was so good and let everyone hold him.

Love her!
Opening their goodies.
Grandpa wasn't home on Tuesday night so I took the three little boys after preschool to trick or treat at his house.  Coop went as an elephant.
Park went as a monkey.
We were definitely busy at Grandpa's house.
Sawyer was asleep.
When he woke up he wasn't too sure!
We were excited to visit everyone and practice trick or treating before the big day.