Sunday, October 28, 2012

Feast with the Witches

After church on Sunday we headed to the Children's Museum for the Feast with the Witches.
The sheriff was excited for a fun time.
The Transformer was dressed up for Halloween too and had a big treat bag of candy in his hand.
We're ready.
The feast was catered by Fazoli's.  They served worms:).
Lunch was tasty.
He was happy to have a Coke.
Jake and Daddy.
They got to make crafts too.
Pop was the craft helper.
Glitter glue, his favorite.
Sawyer went as a giraffe, but he slept the whole time.
The tables were all decorated and it was so festive.
The witches did face painting, Coop got a bat.
Park was breaking it down on the dance floor.  He has some great moves.
They loved dancing.

I was worried he was going to knock someone over.
Pop and Coop were coloring partners.
Baylor and Mimi were coloring pals.

Our attempt at a family picture.  The boys had just been given their treat bags and Park wanted to open his right away.
After lunch they had a show in the theatre by Rudi Toonz.  He sings silly songs for kids and they had a great time.
Park loved it.
Then it was off to the haunted house, lights on of course.  This year the theme was the Wicked Workshop.  It was so cute.  All of the rooms were so neat!
They had fun looking at all the spooky stuff and finding the little orange guy in each room.
They got hard hats when they entered to wear in the workshop.  Park was actually happy to have to sit in the stroller for once.  He kept saying this is scary, but he did great in the safety of his seat.
So fun!
What a great day!
Good luck Luck!
Since we didn't get to see this cutie during the feast here he is.
So cute!

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