Friday, October 5, 2012

Cooper's Preschool Birthday

 On Friday morning Tom and I went to Cooper's school to celebrate his birthday.  When we got there they were finishing up "F" show and tell.  Cooper was so excited Daddy was there too, he took the day off to go to both boys schools.
 We found three little monsters we know on the bulletin board.  Parker, Cooper, and Ethan.
 They were working on their "F" page for their alphabet books.
 Hard little worker.
 Daddy and Coop.
 He requested Spiderman for his school party.  We had Spiderman cupcakes and juice and treat bags filled with Spiderman goodies.  He was excited.
 Singing to our almost 5 year old.
 Praying before snack.

 Then it was music time.

 Such great little dancers.
 Cooper loves to sing.
 They had some great moves.
 Happy Birthday Cooper, I love you!
 Coop and Mrs. Steele.
 We loved spending the morning with you at preschool.
We are so proud of you.

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Amy said...

After seeing those pics of Ryker dancing I think I may need to retire that shirt he was's a bit too short! Yikes!