Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project 365: January

I tried to do Project 365 last year where you document your year with one picture a day, but this year I am using an app on my phone and it is so easy!  So far so good.
Goodbye January!
We are getting closer to spring.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hat and Tie Day

 On Monday Baylor had hat and tie day at school.  It is book fair week and they have special dress up days each day this week. I thought he looked so handsome before school.
 His teacher had asked me to come in and do reading groups for her while she worked on math assessments.  I spent all morning in his class and had a great time.  I did all three reading groups and then helped with a pull out rit group and a small math group.  It was fun to be back in the classroom for a morning.  I had time to run to Subway to get lunch for him and Maddy.
 It was fun to eat with them at school.
 Baylor with Lily and Maddy.
After I left Baylor's school I headed to First Friends to pick up Baxter.  He spent the weekend there while we were gone and the boys could not wait for him to get home.  He had a bath and was groomed before I picked him up and he looked so cute.  He was definitely happy to be home.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goodbye Sunshine State, For Now:)

 On Sunday morning we woke up early to spend some time outside before our flight left.  We walked around checking out boats and enjoying seeing the water.
 Over the weekend Tampa had a big pirate event and this ship sailed into the city.
We ate brunch at Jackson's and sat outside and looked at the water.  The brunch was tasty and I loved the chocolate fountain. 
 We had a great weekend with Tony and Tanya.
 A cruise ship pulled in to port, any vacancies?
 Tampa is a great city to visit and has such a great outside space to walk and explore.
 A little time to soak up the sun and wear sandals before heading home.
Goodbye Florida, until next time!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Favorite Place

On Saturday morning we slept in, which was so nice!  Then we headed for a drive.  It was sunny and so nice to be driving with the windows down.
 We drove to St. Armands to shop and walk around and it was packed.  They were having a huge art fair there, I have never seen it so crowded.  I loved seeing all the flowers.
We had fun together and enjoyed the day.

Then we drove to Siesta Key for a late lunch and ate at the Siesta Key Oyster Bar.
Tony loves to eat there and really wanted the fish tacos.  It was a fun place to eat.

Then we went to my favorite place!  The beach!!! I love my toes in the sand.
Just as wonderful as ever.
The water was cold but I tried it out.
It was a little windy but we still went for a walk.
We all love the beach.
Tony and Tanya.
My heart belongs at the beach:).
I took this for Baylor because he wanted to see the pool.  The water was super warm.
Then we hurried back to get ready for the Zac Brown Band.  We had tickets to the VIP lounge and had great box seats for the show.  We were right behind the pit area.
The concert was so good!
I love all of the songs and had so much fun singing and dancing along.
This was Tom's birthday present and he had a great time!
Such a fun night!

Friday, January 27, 2012


 On Friday morning Pop picked me up at 5:00 am to head to the airport.  I was excited to be heading to Tampa.  Tom ended up traveling for work on Wednesday and Thursday and had to meet me in Tampa.  Tony and Tanya were on my flight so I rode with them from the airport and then spent the day with them.  We ate an early lunch at Brio and sat outside.  It was so nice to be outside.  I love seeing the green.  We spent the day at the International Mall shopping.
 While we were shopping we learned that Tom's flight was delayed so we had an afternoon appetizer break. Mine was so tasty.  
 Tom finally made it!  We picked him up at the airport and then got ready for dinner.
 We went to dinner at OysterCatchers right on the water.  It was a great meal!
We were excited for the weekend.

InstaFriday January 27

life rearranged
I am linking up for InstaFriday this week.
Here are some of my cell phone pics from the last two weeks.  
 I made margarita lime chicken for dinner one night and Coop was my little helper. 
 Yes, I may be a future Olympic figure skater.
Oh Harry is so handsome and such an amazing singer.  I love listening to him.
While I was gone the boys took turns spending the night with Mimi and then Daddy let them sleep with him in our bed.

 Chocolate goodness.
 My cheesecake from Junior's.  It was delicious.

 Baylor helped Daddy make grilled cheese when I was gone.  Daddy took all three boys and Baxter to get Valentine pictures taken, what a great sport.

 I brought home the boys a fingerprint art kit from New York and they have loved it.
 Coop at the doctor.
 Baylor celebrated 100 days of school.
 Last week Mimi brought the boys an Angry Bird cake.  They were so excited.
 Coop loves painting.

 Bax likes to take a nap on the register.
 Mimi and I went to the Home Show, I loved seeing flowers and outdoor goodness.
 Box tops, enough said.
 Big boy!

King of the Jungle.
 Parker loves the gym.

 My favorite lunch.
The little boys loved bowling in the entryway.