Saturday, July 31, 2010

Backyard Bash

The goose egg. I'm so thankful he was okay!
We love you Daddy!
Thank you for working so hard for your family!
The trophy.
The main event!
Pop and Bob played in the tournament too.
Coop and Pop. Cooper ate three chicken legs.
Baylor and Mimi. B ate five chicken legs!

Coop and Daddy.
He loved the big obstacle course.
Baylor and Katie were partners in the kid's corn hole tournament.
He loves his Daddy!
This was before the fall checking out the fire trucks. We were so thankful they were there.
Coop was ready to help someone in "twouble".
He got a football helmet and an elephant.
B got a Colt's helmet.
Daddy in the dunk tank. The boys thought it was so fun to dunk Daddy.
Looking good!
B on the Velcro wall.
He did the slide over and over again.
B dunked Tony, he threw the ball right on the target.

He loved throwing dunk tank balls. All the money raised went to various charities.

Tom's work picnic was today at their office. They set up tents in the front parking lot and had several bounce houses, face painting, a water area, the corn hole tournament, and food catered by Jugs. There were lots of great prizes and raffle items too! When the company was small they would always go on a boat trip in the summer and Tom would be in charge of getting it all together. The company is so much bigger now and they have definitely outgrown the boat trip. This was a great event and lots of fun. We did have a scary thing happen while we were there and I am so thankful Baylor is okay. He was on the Velcro wall bounce house. They were the suit and then stick to the wall. Mimi, Pop, and I were all there and he had turned around to tell us something and another kid bounced at the end of the bounce area and it bounced Baylor out of the house and right onto the concrete. Pop caught his suit which did help break the fall. He flipped out and landed right on his head. Thankfully the fire department was there with their fire trucks and the EMT came right over. They assessed him and checked him all out and said to keep him up and watch him over the next few hours. We put ice on his head but he had a huge goose egg. It was really scary! He didn't even cry and was so tough. Baylor stopped until the end with Pop and Daddy. Daddy and Brian Brown ended up winning the corn hole tournament and the big trophy. Baylor was excited too because at the end when they did the raffle he won the Razor electric scooter. He will definitely be wearing a helmet!

Friday, July 30, 2010

County Fair

Parker had fun at the fair.
Ready to buzz by.
What a fun night!
Baylor and Tom went on the moon rocket ride that goes upside down, Baylor's pick, and Tom's phone fell out of his pocket at the top and shattered. Needless to say, his calls were "breaking" up a bit afterwards.
His iphone is in need of serious repairs:)
We saw the Browns at the fair and Coop loved on Gabrielle. I love this picture, good for their graduation video since they will be in the same grade and school.
I could kiss him all day long!
I got to ride on the ferris wheel with B, I love the ferris wheel. It felt so good and was so pretty. Cooper wasn't tall enough and he was really upset.
One of the lone animals left.
Baylor riding Teddy.

Cooper on Starbuck. He went on three pony rides and wanted to go again and again!
There was a dock dog competition that was fun to watch.
We have been wanting to go to the fair but it has been so hot! Today was perfect weather and the evening was even better. We ate dinner at the fair and had a great time. The boys rode rides, rode the ponies, and went in a few barns. The fair ended on Saturday so there weren't many animals left. We will go to the State fair though and go through all the barns. I love spending time with my boys and having fun together!

Last Day of Swimming Lessons and Conner Prairie

Mimi bought the boys a horse stuffed animal and a rock candy sucker, they were so happy!
Love them!
Who needs to see real piggies when you can eat your own:)
He was Cowboy Woody and was saying, "Run like the wind Bullseye".
This cow was so sweet.
They got to tap out their name in morse code.
Up in the balloon.
Ready for take off.
He truly is a delight.
The only outfit in his size was a dress, oh well it was blue.
Having fun.
They love Conner Prairie.
Jake and Cooper
He did a great job.
Baylor and Jake.
Baylor worked hard during swimming and had so much fun.
Today was our last day of swimming lessons with Jake. The boys have had so much fun over the last two weeks and have done great swimming. It is amazing how much they learn just from swimming everyday and being in the water. Jake was so good with the boys and made the lesson fun. He would play little games with them in between swimming to give them a break and make the lesson fun. After swimming we picked up Mimi and Parker and headed to Conner Prairie. We were signed up for a class but somehow it was canceled again without us knowing. It ended up being a beautiful day to be outside at the prairie and the boys had so much fun. It was much cooler today and there was a great breeze. The balloon was flying so Baylor, Cooper, and I went on a balloon ride and the boys had so much fun. The balloon goes 387 feet and has a great view of the Indianapolis skyline. We ate lunch and then headed to the barn. There were lots of animals out today and the boys love to pet and brush them. The little cow was so sweet and gentle. We love visiting Conner Prairie. On the way home we stopped at Dippin Dots which made the day that much sweeter!