Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back Home Again in Indiana!

Happy to be jumping again!
The boys played outside and read books with Daddy before bed. Baylor got new ocean books on vacation and I got out lots from when I taught when we got home. He was so excited.
Two little helpers.
Parker was happy to see Pop.
Coop ran to Daddy!
Baylor loves his Pop.
Our last walk on the beach.
We took it all in one last time.
We'll be back next year beloved Siesta Key, we sure do love you!
I can hardly believe the time has flown by so quickly but our Florida trip is over for another summer. Oh how I love my time at the beach. I have so many fond childhood memories of the beach. Shell hunting with dad, going on long walks with mom, swimming with Joe, reading with Jen, building castle after castle, getting ice cream and eating at our favorite spots, looking for treasures at the point of rocks, meeting new friends, and the list goes on and on. I also love that Tom and I have so many great memories there and that it was the place where we got engaged. My heart is forever tied to Siesta Key! I am always sad to leave and to think my boys will be a whole year older next time we see the ocean and put our feet in the soft white sand. Next year I will have a 6, 3, and 1 year old. Where does the time go?
Before leaving we went to the beach and pool one last time and then were on a mad dash to get ready before the taxi. We had so much stuff! We had to drive to Tampa and Coop was so loud in the taxi but we made it. Parker and Cooper slept the whole plane ride home and I was thankful for a direct flight. Flying with three little ones is lots of work but so worth it in the end. We were all so happy to see Daddy and Pop at the airport. The boys have missed them so. When we got home they were busy playing with everything and running all over the house. Coop said he missed his big house. We were all glad to be back home again!

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