Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fun Night with Pop

He was so excited about the movie, time with Pop, and the icee, candy and popcorn.
Excited to see the movie!
Tonight I had bible study and was going to have to take all three boys with me. There was a babysitter at the house which worked out great, but Pop invited Baylor to the movies. Mimi was working at the food pantry and Pop was free for the night. Baylor has been wanting to see Toy Story 3 with Pop. He thought it was really special that he got to go alone with Pop. He was so excited, poor Cooper didn't even know what he missed. This was Baylor's fourth time to see the movie and he loved it again. He actually said that he wants to see it again with Daddy. Cooper had fun playing at bible study with all the kids and had a great time too. I am so excited about the new study. We are doing Breaking Free and I think it is going to be great!

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