Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday in Pictures

We woke up this morning to a special delivery. The Schultz family sent us cookies from our favorite bakery in Siesta Key.
They are so cute!
Thanks Carl, Nicole, and Eli, they were a big hit.
It was Saturday and our favorite day to be at the pool because we have it all to ourselves.
We went even though it was sprinkling.
Two little fish I know actually love to swim in the rain!
He loves to jump jump jump.
He's really getting good at kicking.
We were actually getting cold without Mr. Sun so we wrapped up and headed in for lunch.
The clouds were moving in and the thunder started so we decided we needed to head somewhere after lunch. We were ready for an adventure.
We headed to the Red Barn Flea Market. This picture sums up the place. There was so much junk, aisle after aisle of junk and then more junk.
There was lots of food though. B got a monster pickle.
The outside produce was great.
Coop loved all the watermelons.
If we were staying longer I would have bought some fruits and veggies.
The cantaloupe and watermelons were $1.00.
After our adventure the big boys took a nap and then Parker and I went on a walk at the beach. The sun was out and it was hot!
We stopped at Fedex and got two boxes and Parker and I packed them up to ship home. We have too much stuff to get home!
We were all feeling quite festive.
We tried to get a group picture before leaving for St. Armands but that was not happening.
We went back to Crab and Fin for one more time. Baylor and Cooper and Mommy love the piano man. He is so nice. We shopped and then it started to downpour while we were in my favorite shoe store. Mimi went to get the car with an umbrella from the shop and then a nice man walking by helped me get the boys in the car with his umbrella. It was raining so hard!

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