Friday, October 31, 2008

This Is Halloween

This Is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. We have been singing this song all day long from the Disney Parade. Baylor loved singing it on the real day. What a fun day it has been. We had a great night filled with fun, family, friends, candy, and lots of jumping. Mimi had us over for dinner and desert before the trick or treating began. Baylor was so excited that he could barely eat anything, except for the candy and cookies. He was so excited to get the night started. Baylor was a little picky during his stops. At one house, luckily a friend, he said I don't really like your candy so I will pass. I told him then to just say thank you and put it in his bag at the next house. So at the next house he said trick or treat, looked at the basket, said thanks, and ran away. The man said you didn't get your candy, and Baylor said I am not a fan of the bars. At least he is honest and it is one less piece for me to eat. After trick or treating we headed to church for a great night. Lots of Baylor's friends were there and the place was packed. He loved jumping in the bounce houses and obstacle courses. He really liked Pastor Andy's fireman costume. Of course that is one more costume he has his eye on. After church we went back to Mimi's for pumpkin ice cream cake. Cooper craweld inside the treat bucket and had a great time. He even had some ice cream with Pop. It truly was a fun filled Halloween night.

Trick or Treat Round 2

Mr. Smee and Peter Pan made their way to Mama and Papa's house after preschool. They were excited to spend some time at Mama's and begin the trick or treating for the day. Baylor wanted to know why he was putting on his costume before it was dark. I think he is still unsure of when the real trick or treating begins. Baylor played the piano with Mama and Cooper showed off his new walking skills. He really is moving and grooving now. Coop even pulled out some dancing to the beautiful piano music. With Baylor at the keys, I am sure you know what it sounded like, LOUD! We love Mama and Papa so and enjoyed visiting them today.

Halloween Preschool Party

What a fun morning we had at preschool for the Halloween party. The kids were so excited and did a great job. They sang Halloween songs, carved a pumpkin, made a craft, played games, and had a yummy snack. I am so thankful that I was able to be a room mom this year and help at his parties. This truly is another blessing of being able to stay at home with my BOYS. Baylor had a great time and it was a fantastic start to a busy Halloween.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Past

Our little pumpkin, what joy.
Baylor as Nemo
Buzz and his Mommy and Daddy.

What a scary looking Captin Hook!

Peter Pan.


Cooper as a little pumpkin.

Mr. Smee and Pluto

We are so excited that Halloween is tomorrow and we have loved all of the fun family activities and special events that have accompanied this season. I can hardly believe that this is already Baylor's fifth Halloween and Cooper's second Halloween. Oh where has the time gone. There really is something about kids in costumes. They are truly too cute. Here are pictures from the past for both boys. I love them all!

Costume Parade

Baylor had a class at the museum today and it was a costume party. He decided to wear Super Why again. He loves to pretend that he is Wyatt. The class was lots of fun and the activities were great. He loved being able to paint his own face. He spent most of the class at this section. You should see his face now. He is so proud and does not want to wash it off.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Costume Craze

Let's just say we are a little obsessed with costumes. Ever since the Halloween decorations came out in July Baylor has been so excited about dressing up. He had a few costumes in his dress up tub before, but now there is quite a stash. I always thought little girls would be the only ones who liked to dress up but I sure was wrong. Every morning Baylor likes to try on a costume. He may wear 4 or 5 in a short amount of time. Since it has started to get colder he wears them as feet jammies around the house. Here are some of the most recent costume adventures.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trick or Treat Round 1

This afternoon I took the boys to trick or treat with Grandma and Grandpa. They enjoyed visiting and it was fun for the boys too. Baylor was very interested with Grandma's knitting needles and the balls of yarn. I think several were almost completely unraveled. Cooper discovered Grandpa's hearing aid today. He kept putting his hand on Grandpa's ear to make it make noise. Oh how I loved to do this when I was little. I used to sit on Grandpa's lap and touch his ear over and over to hear the sound. I am so happy that my boys have been able to know all of my grandparents. What a blessing!

Art Class #2

Baylor's finished projects from today.
Paint and potatoes, oh what fun!

This is hard work.
Snack time with my pal.

In art class today the kids finished their study of Metisse. Today they learned about the final colors of the color wheel. They really did a great job with the concept of opposites. They also worked on patterns today. Baylor's favorite part was using potato stencils to make patterns on large butcher paper. Miss Anna told them they could use this for wrapping paper. It was a great class today and the kids really had a fun time. It was an extra special treat to have Paul come to class today. He is in town this whole week and Baylor has loved seeing him and playing with him again. He asked me today when Paul was going to move back. If only I had an answer for him. We sure do miss Paul and his family.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Haunted Gingerbread

This weekend Baylor and I watched the Halloween Gingerbread competition on Food Network. He loves to watch the cooking channel and we enjoyed watching them build spooky houses. Mimi bought him a kit today and he made it with Pop tonight. They had a great time constructing the gingerbread house together. Baylor enjoyed licking the icing and trying the candy along the way. He did a great job and was very proud of the finished project. We have it on the counter and he can't wait to show daddy in the morning.

Do You Want To Take A Ride?

Would you like to go on a rocket ride with me?
This Dora ride makes lots of fun noises.
Look at me I can even sit backwards and still move across the room.
How big is Cooper, Soooo Big!
Look at me, I'm a big boy!
Cooper has really been busy playing lately. He loves all the ride on toys and being able to walk around. He is always trying to stay up with brother. It is so fun to play with him and watch the boys play nicely together.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Mimi is that you?
Yeah, I have the phone and the camera case.

Daddy I wanted to tell you that you are the best dad ever. I love you!!!!

If you ever call our house and no one answers it may be because Coop has the phone. He loves playing with the phone and knows when it is ringing.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Zoo Boo

Brotherly love before church.
My best friends Tigger and Pooh.

What a cute little Pooh bear.

Daddy and Tigger at the seals.

Coop finally made it to the playground. He loved the slide. It wasn't crowded so he could play and have fun.
After church we went to Zoo Boo at the Indianapolis Zoo. Tigger and Pooh went with Mommy and Daddy and we had lots of fun. The zoo is all decorated for Halloween and has special activities for the kids. We thought it was going to be a rain out but it ended up being great weather for warm costumes. Baylor loved the seals and Cooper liked waving at the fish. The playground was a big hit for both boys. This really was a great weekend of family time. I love spending time with my boys.