Friday, October 31, 2008

This Is Halloween

This Is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. We have been singing this song all day long from the Disney Parade. Baylor loved singing it on the real day. What a fun day it has been. We had a great night filled with fun, family, friends, candy, and lots of jumping. Mimi had us over for dinner and desert before the trick or treating began. Baylor was so excited that he could barely eat anything, except for the candy and cookies. He was so excited to get the night started. Baylor was a little picky during his stops. At one house, luckily a friend, he said I don't really like your candy so I will pass. I told him then to just say thank you and put it in his bag at the next house. So at the next house he said trick or treat, looked at the basket, said thanks, and ran away. The man said you didn't get your candy, and Baylor said I am not a fan of the bars. At least he is honest and it is one less piece for me to eat. After trick or treating we headed to church for a great night. Lots of Baylor's friends were there and the place was packed. He loved jumping in the bounce houses and obstacle courses. He really liked Pastor Andy's fireman costume. Of course that is one more costume he has his eye on. After church we went back to Mimi's for pumpkin ice cream cake. Cooper craweld inside the treat bucket and had a great time. He even had some ice cream with Pop. It truly was a fun filled Halloween night.

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