Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Day

I picked Baylor up early today right before his lunch time because we both had to go back to the dentist to get cavities filled. I am personally done visiting the dentist for a long time, hopefully we will all be cavity free on our next visit! Since he would miss lunch we stopped at Cafe 52 for one more meal.
It was their last day to be open. It was sad to see the place booming and know the next day it would sit empty. I had dragon fingers one last time.

I enjoyed spending some one on one time with my big boy even if it involved a trip to the dentist:).

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby Jesus

When Baylor was a baby he got the Little People Nativity set from Mimi. We have done a great job keeping all of the pieces and we get it out every year.
They love to play with it and talk about the Christmas Story.

Parker is always so excited when he finds baby Jesus. He always calls him Jesus Joy because of the sweet song from preschool.

There are always lots of kisses for baby Jesus.

Today they added a few new people to the Nativity. Pooh and Spiderman need to learn about Jesus too.

Parker kept adding new people and then introducing them to Jesus. It was super cute.

He was teaching Parker the words to his song and was acting like he was rocking baby Jesus. He's gearing up for his big play when he gets to be a KING.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Crafts Round One

It's that time of year again to get busy crafting. Each year the boys make crafts for lots of people and they spend lots of time working during the holiday season.
After lunch today Coop wanted to get started. He made foam trees and started on some ornaments.

Of course Parker wanted to "draw" too.

Thank goodness for washable marker.

When Baylor got home he got right to work. He worked for a long time after we finished homework.

His ornaments turned out great.

They had a little set up with the Ipad to watch cartoons while they crafted. The glitter glue may be the very favorite part.

Parker ended up looking like an Indian by the time he was done for the second time. He had more on himself than the ornaments.

They also worked on melty beads. He made some cute little creations.

Daddy helped him iron them. We have lots more to make but have a great start on our Christmas crafting!

CrazyJoy: Buy

I am linking up for the Crazy Joy photo challenge this week. The word was buy, what a great word for this time of year. This was my porch when we got home one day last week. I have been doing lots of online Christmas shopping and I am almost completely done with all of my shopping and most of it is wrapped, hooray!

Now I have more time to enjoy the season with my boys:)!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Polar Express

Tonight we went on the Polar Express with the Schultz family. The boys have been looking forward to riding on the Polar Express again this year. We watched the movie on the way to get ready for our ride. The boys were excited to go to the North Pole.

They had their golden ticket and were ready to board!
We were all so excited! They had on their Santa pajamas and brought Elfie for the train ride.

Baylor wanted to sit by Parker. He really wanted him to go with us this year.

Eli was ready for the train ride. He looked so cute in his penguin jammies.

We had our book ready to read along during the ride.

Baylor put his Elfie in the window. He wanted to make sure Daddy got him a candy cane to eat on the train because it's tradition.

We had to get our ticket punched just like in the movie.

Parker was quite happy when the chef brought around cookies and hot cocoa. He was trying to lick all of the icing off the cookie.


Hot Hot Hot!

Reading with Daddy.


Coop loves Eli. All of the boys wanted to take turns sitting by Mr. Eli.

We had a great time on the train.

At one point all of the boys were sitting together. I had fun sitting and talking with Nicole. Baby Kate stayed home with her Nana, we missed her but I'm sure she had a better time. She can join us next year.

All of the boys.

Then it was time for Santa to come to visit.

Parker didn't want to get too close today, but he would sit next to Bubby.

Baylor told Santa he wanted a puppy, Cooper said he wanted a puppy and a girl baby. I can guarantee that Santa is not bringing him a baby, but a puppy maybe?

Baylor with the conductor.

The Hobo came on the train too and Cooper was busy talking to him. He had been singing Jingle Bells for everyone around with his new bell from Santa.

The first gift of Christmas!
After we arrived back at the train station we went to dinner with the Schultz family and then headed home. We had a great night visiting the North Pole on the Polar Express.

Last Meal at Cafe 52

We heard last week that Cafe 52 was closing at the end of the month. We are all sad, we have gone here after church for years. The boys love going with Mimi and Pop each week. Lots of members from our church go right after first service and it's like a little family. We love all of the waitresses and they are so sweet to the boys.
We started going almost every week right after Baylor was born. I can remember lots of great breakfasts at Cafe 52.

Parker loves their chicken and noodles.

Tom couldn't decide between breakfast or Dragon fingers so he got the Dragon fingers to go.

Cooper said he hopes it opens again, if only it were that easy.

Several of the waitresses have worked their for years and they always bring us our drinks right away and the service is great. We are going to miss them.

Pop looks forward to breakfast each week. He's always sad if we don't go.

The owner said he's enjoyed watching our boys grow up. We were all crying when we left. Baylor was crying too.

I got out the clubhouse and all the Mickey toys to use for the birthday party and Parker is in love. Tom and I said we should have wrapped this box for him for Christmas. They were playing before church.