Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Day Project Recap

The Happy Day Project was so much fun last week. Some tasks were hard and some were easy but I enjoyed each day! There were tears and smiles along the way and more than anything I realzied how easy it is to show love to others throughout your day.

On day one I took three pies to three different neighbors. My first tears came with one neighbor who is going through some rough times. I loved making someone's day. Read more about Day 1.
On Day 2 I wrote 15 notes to friends, family, and people from church. The boys also made a card for Miss Rosie. It was nice hearing from some of the people who recieved a card during the week. This is something I am going to try to keep up, I do love writing notes.
Read about Day 2.

I had to alter Day 2 because I never ran into anyone to give a gift card. I did give one away later in the week when I was at Walmart. I loved being able to support military families and treat them with a basket during the holidays.
Read about Day 3.
Books are some of my very favorite things and I loved Day 4. I loved being able to spread love to special little people and friends too. It was one of my favorites.
Read more about Day 4.

Day 5 was a busy day with the Harvest for the Hungry Food Pantry Dinner. I was at church all day setting up and then there until late at night, but it was an awesome event that raised over $63,000 for our local food pantry. I love that the dinner took place during Happy Week! Before school we dropped off a card and gift card to a friend and a little surprise for her adorable little boy. Baylor also took a gift card to his teacher, we love her.
Read about Day 5.

Day 6 was busy but we did make cards and notes. We sent one to Grandpa Shadday and thanked him for his service in the Army. We also made two thank you cards to take to church on Sunday. One for Miss Gail, Baylor's Sunday School teacher, and one for Miss Mary, our children's director at church.

Read about Day 6.

Day 7 we kicked off Missions Week at our church. The kids are excited to collect money to help build a well in Haiti. We also made cards and got all of our supplies ready for our Operation Christmas Child boxes.
Read about Day 7.

I definitely want to continue doing Happy things for others and hope to continue through the Holiday season.

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