Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Day Project Day 3

happy day

Today was Day 3 of the Happy Day Project. The task for today was giving a gift card to a homeless person. I had two gift cards ready in case the opportunity presented itself but I didn't have the chance today. This afternoon I went to the Gift and Hobby show with my mom and I found the perfect thing for today.
A local boy scout troop is collecting money for fruit baskets and a gift card booklet for soldiers who are just returning home from service. They will get the baskets when they return to base and meet their loved ones on December 19. The boy scout leaders were so sweet and talked about what a blessing this was to soldiers last year and how many said it was the first fresh fruit they had in a year. I love how this act of kindness presented itself today. I donated two fruit baskets to soldiers. I am thankful for their service!

Other things:
1. Tonight at Joy Jammers we started to work on Christmas songs. We have been playing Pandora Christmas here lots lately while we decorate so I'm already in the Christmas spirit. I love this new song we learned tonight. The lyrics are so sweet and the tune is catchy and the kids loved it. This is not our group and I like our motions even better:), but you can hear the song!

2. I have lots of favorite blogs, but A Place Called Simplicity is one of my favorites for many reasons. They are a sweet family who have adopted many treasures from all over the world. They just brought home a sweet baby girl, Ruby who has a long road ahead of her. She had a very complicated brain surgery today and could really use prayer. I can't stop thinking of this sweet baby girl, I know they would love your prayers.

3. Kelly's Korner and Baby Bangs are two of my other favorite blogs. Kelly is a mom of two adorable girls and has the best blog. I wish I knew her in real life! Amanda who writes at Baby Bangs is the daughter of Beth Moore, how awesome! They are both on a Compassion trip to Ecuador right now and are writing about their experiences. Talk about breaking your heart. I am loving reading about their journey.

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Nicole O said...

Thanks so much for the thoughtful note :) You made me feel special and brightened my day!