Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cookies and Canvas

Back in the spring we had bought a Living Social Daily Deal for Cookies and Canvas. The deal expired on November 12, so we had to use it soon. Jamie and I took the kids today to paint a purple pup.
The kids didn't know what to expect and they were excited when they got there and saw everything set up. We got there early so they got a great spot right up front. They got to eat their cookies when we first arrived.

Grant's Mommy had to work so we were so happy he went with us. We missed Andrea and texted her pictures while she was at work at the hospital.

The instructor was great and made the class so much fun. She instructed the kids step by step and talked them through the entire process.

All of the kids did a great job. The class was full and there were lots of artists at work.

It was neat to see all of the pups come to life.

They mixed colors to make different colors and added fun details to their paintings.

Baylor put a B on his dog tag for his name.

All of the artists.

Baylor's painting.

Grant's painting.

Grant, Maddy, and Baylor with their finished masterpieces.

Where did they go?

The class was two hours and they all did great. We went to get treats at Maggie Moo's after were finished painting.

It was a fun day and they all want to go back again sometime.

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Emily said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds like SO much fun!!