Thursday, November 17, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

Maddy and Drew rode the bus home again with Baylor and he was so excited. After school we worked on Operation Christmas Child boxes with the kids in our Bible Study group. We had 11 kids ranging in ages 1-7 ready to fill the boxes.
Before we started all of the kids watched a video about the boxes.

It was goodfor them to see and give them a better idea about what we were doing. Notice Parker by the train table. He had snatched a bag of Dum Dums and was hiding them to try and get them opened.

Maddy and Elena are the only little girls in our group, we have lots of handsome boys!

The kids sat in a cirlce and the moms passed items around to fill their boxes. We packed 15 boxes in all and they were all stuffed.

Maddy worked hard to get hers all in.

Elena is walking now!

Drew and his box.

Baylor added his card he made to his box.

Jack is so cute! He's three now!

Grant is so sweet!

Cooper kept trying to stuff more and more in his box.

Andy adding a hug to his box!

After we packed our boxes the kids played and watched Tom and Jerry Christmas until the pizza came.

Drew found a cozy spot to watch cartoons.

Jack and Nolan.

Cooper and Grant.

Maddy, Baylor, and Drew.

Andy, Brian, and Parker.

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