Wednesday, December 31, 2008

When Sarah Came To Play

Cooper wanted to play with them too.

Baylor wanted to get Coop out of his room.

Baylor was showing Sarah his new train.

The elefun game is once again a big hit.

Baylor and Sarah decorated a big poster.

Cooper even tried out the art easel.

Sarah read books to Baylor.

Baylor was so excited for Sarah to come over and play he could barely stand it. When he went to bed last night he said he couldn't even sleep because he was so excited. He loves playing with her and she is so special to all of us. We picked her up and stopped by McDonald's and then had an afternoon of fun. They were able to play with lots of new toys and both boys really enjoyed having her here. Thanks Sarah for a great day. We love you!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Little People Play Time

Cooper is busy watching his brother.
We are having fun together.
How does this person fit in the seat?

Where's Cooper?

Cooper received several Little People toys for Christmas and the boys have had fun playing with them. Cooper enjoys filling and refilling the plastic tub that stores them and also enjoys playing peek a boo with the tub. When both boys woke up from their nap they played together for quite some time. Lately it has been a little hard for Baylor to share with Cooper but they played really nice. I think it helped that the toys were all Cooper's and he was letting Baylor play with him. It is fun to watch them play together. Baylor was showing Cooper how to put all the people in the cars and the animals in the barn. The funniest part was watching Cooper knock them over right away. I think this may help build patience for Baylor too. We do need to learn this as well.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Birthday Dinner

Baylor wanted to help Daddy open his presents.
Pappaw was playing with Cooper in the high chair.
Happy Birthday!

Tonight we went to Pappaw and Mammaw's house to celebrate Tom's birthday. We had a delicious fried chicken dinner. Everything was quite yummy. Cooper loved the mashed potatoes. Baylor loved the chocolate brownie cake Pappaw made. It was quite delicious. The boys had a great time playing and Baylor was a little bit into showing off tonight. His personality always shines through when he is showing off.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Game Time

The boys before church. They were playing with the singing snowman.
Baylor was a big help taking off the ornaments.

Baylor loves Poppy.

This sure is fun!

Today we had a very busy day cleaning, putting away, and starting to take down Christmas decorations. After church mommy got right to work. We were able to get so much done and we are slowly finding new homes for our new toys. Tonight Tom and I went to see Marley and Me. What a great movie. We were both crying over the dog. I am not even a pet person and it tore me up. Tom is now ready to get a dog like tomorrow, but I am ready to wait this one out a little longer. While we were gone the boys got to spend time with Mimi, Pop, and Uncle Joe. Baylor brought two of his new games to play with Pop. They played Chutes and Ladders and Don't Wake the Hulk. Baylor had so much fun and Poppy said he did a great job playing. After dinner Baylor helped Mimi and Uncle Joe take the ornaments off of her tree. He did so great and got practice so he can help me tomorrow. I can't believe it is already time to take the decorations down. We really enjoyed this holiday season.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today we celebrated Tom's birthday. It is always hard having a birthday so close to Christmas but the spring like weather made it feel like a different time of year. We had a great family day together and really enjoyed our time together. Daddy even got to sleep in which was one of his birthday requests. Tonight we went to House of Tokyo for dinner with Mimi, Pop, and Uncle Joe. This is Daddy and Baylor's favorite restaurant and the food was delicious. We went back to Mimi's house for cheesecake and presents. Happy Birthday Daddy, we love you so!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Twas the Day After Christmas

Watch out new driver!
These new blocks sure are fun!

I like the box the best!

Choo Choo!
Daddy set up Baylor's train tonight. The trick is keeping Coop out of the study.

After a quick sale shopping trip with Mimi the boys and I spent the day at home playing. We opened new toys and played all day long. The whole downstairs was like an obstacle course of cars, trucks, pieces, etc. Both boys had a great time today and really enjoyed their new treasures. Cooper even figured out how to drive his four wheeler. He does run into things but he thinks he is a big deal when he presses the button. Baylor brings Biscuit and Bolt from room to room and they both sat under his chair during lunch and dinner. Slowly but surely we are finding a home for all the new loot. Here are some pictures of our playing adventure from today.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Night

Baylor was trying out his new bike with Daddy's help.

Cooper sitting in his new chair while talking on his phone.

Baylor and his new dogs.

This game was a big hit!
The boys are both in bed and I know they were exhausted. It was truly a wonderful Christmas day. Baylor was so excited the entire day and was so happy with all of his presents from our loved ones. He kept saying this is just what I wanted and this is my favorite. When I asked what he like the best he said all of it. I genuinely think this was the case. When we came home tonight it did look like a bomb had exploded in our downstairs. Between all of the parties we have quite a stash to put away. While I was feeling overwhelmed we decided to let it go and have fun with the boys tonight and let them enjoy their new toys. Baylor wanted to open everything but some of the boxes take so long to get them opened. He loved playing with his new dogs, the Elefun game, and his leapster. He had several things out and had a great time. Cooper was busy following Baylor and finding new toys to play with. He was on his four wheeler and sweeping with his new sweeper. On this Christmas night I am feeling so much love and joy for my family and my three special boys. Tom, Baylor, and Cooper mean the world to me and they are the best gift I could ever receive. I love you all!

Christmas at Mama's House

Every year we go to Mama and Papa's house for lunch on Christmas day. The lunch menu is every one's favorite, beef tenderloin. The meat was exceptional this year and the chicken and noodles were delicious. Baylor wore his new pirate costume over to Mama's house and several of the pieces came off before the party really started. He only wanted to wear the pants and shirt, oh well for a cute Christmas outfit. Baylor could not wait to see Sarah and show her Biscuit and all of his tricks. He had so much fun playing with Sarah. At Mama's we go around and watch everyone open one present and a time. This speed isn't up really Baylor so he opened all of his presents at once so he could go play. When he opened Pooh's Changing Tree from Mama he could hardly stand it and wanted to go open it and play right away. His nice Uncle Joe helped him get it all set up. Sarah decided to hurry through her gifts to and go and play with Baylor. When they were upstairs they both put on the Christmas mouse costume and came downstairs. It was so funny. Everyone really had a great time with each other today and loved all of their presents. I truly am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Mama and Papa have always made the holidays so fun and we always look forward to spending Christmas day with them. It is nice to be surrounded by the ones you love on this special day we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Christmas Morning at Mimi's House

After opening presents at our house we headed over to Mimi's house. Mimi said Santa came to her house to and Baylor was so excited. He got a Mickey train set and monorail that were all set up and waiting for him. He was so excited and just wanted to play. We were able to convince him to open the rest of his gifts. Cooper was happy with his Dora music chair and a Pooh tricycle. Mimi and Pop always get such special gifts and put so much time and love into everything they purchase. We love them so. Baylor made lots of presents for everyone and he was excited to give them. Everyone had a great morning.

He Came

Merry Christmas Boys!
Wow, I have my own little four wheeler.

Baylor and Biscuit.

Baylor wanted to try out his painting before we went to Mimi's house.

Baylor picked out a special present for Mommy.

When we woke Baylor up this morning he was so excited and could not wait to get down stairs. He ran down the steps and was yelling he came he came. It was too cute. Baylor loved all of his toys and could not wait to start opening. Cooper only opened a few presents and then played with the paper and wandered around the room. He was interested in what his big brother was doing. Baylor loved his Biscuit, bike, leapster, and easel. Mommy and Daddy love their presents too. It was a great morning and everyone had fun watching and opening together.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Waiting for Santa

The stocking are hung by the chimney with care and Baylor is nestled all snug in his bed. He worked hard to get Santa's treats all prepared. He put out cookies, carrots, and oranges. He poured a glass of milk in his special Santa mug and even added a Diet Pepsi. He was running around truly brimming with glee. He kept saying, "I can't believe Santa come tomorrow". Cooper didn't know what was going on but he followed behind Baylor and tried to get his hands on some of Santa's food. Baylor said he needs to hurry and fall asleep so Santa will get here. He said he is going to be listening for the bells. Oh how sweet my little man is and how exciting it is to experience Christmas through the eyes of your precious little ones.

Christmas Eve

Our family on Christmas Eve.
Cooper had fun rocking in this chair.

Mom gave Katie and Adam this special ornament to remember their first year teaching music.

Cooper wanted to show Sarah the ornaments.

Baylor and Sarah were busy checking the Santa tracker.

I love Mama!

Coop and Mommy.

Baylor and Sarah ate on the floor. He loves her so!

Santa leaves one present for each child on the front porch.

Cooper wanted to help unwrap the Santa gifts.
Cooper was so excited.

What a wonderful night that truly centered around the reason for the season. Church was beautiful tonight and the songs were so meaningful. There is something about sweet songs proclaiming the birth of Jesus that always bring tears to my eyes. My brother sang O Holy Night and did a great job. I could listen to him for hours. We then went to my mom's house for a wonderful evening. The food was delicious and the company was sweet. My mom had us tell what we were most thankful for this year and a gift we wanted to give Jesus this year. Many of the remarks brought tears to my eyes. We sang before leaving and my dad sang Silent Night in German. This is a yearly tradition and always reminds us of my grandma's family. It was such a special night.