Monday, December 8, 2008

Littlest Elf

His painted treasures are drying and then off to be wrapped.
Mr. Elf painting Santa's sleigh.

Santa left some of these special North Pole Cokes at Mimi's house for Baylor. Note to self: The round shape make them a little slippery and hard to hold, when they drop on the floor they cause a huge explosion. (I am speaking from experience on this!!!)

Baylor the elf has been busy at his workshop making lots of great presents for loved ones. The funniest part is that he wants to keep all of the things he makes after he finishes them. We go over that he is making them as gifts. Some people like Mimi and Sarah may be the recipients of most of the goods. We made a list and we are trying to make sure that everyone receives at least one of Baylor's treasures. He did want to make sure his name was on the list. He has had a great time and has really done a wonderful job. He especially enjoyed painting and using glitter glue. He even wore a Santa hat and drank his North Pole Coke to make him feel like a real elf. Too cute!

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