Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa's Holiday Party

Santa and Baylor
Joe and Megan are on the nice list.

Cooper loved Santa's bells.

The bean bag game was so fun.

This broom is just my size.

What would you like to buy?

Aren't they cute.

I love them.

Baylor in his elf hat.

Today we went to Conner Prairie with Mimi, Joe and Megan for a special holiday party with Santa. Before the class we had lunch and looked at the gingerbread houses. Baylor wanted Joe and Megan to see his favorite, the Sponge Bob house. The boys had time to play in the discovery zone and we the only ones there. Cooper was busy sweeping while Baylor was working in the general store. During class the kids made elf hats, sang songs, danced, played games, and visited with Santa. Santa even sang and danced with them. Baylor thought that Santa looked like and talked just like Mr. Jim. I think he may be right! It was a fun day and Baylor really enjoyed himself. He loved the bean bag toss with the Santa hats. What a cute game. We were so glad Megan and Joe were able to join us.

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