Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Cookies Take 3

The finished product!
Cooper enjoyed wearing the Santa chef hat.
Look at the flour, it was everywhere!

Mix, Mix, Mix

The is a hard job!


Each year my brother starts asking for my Christmas cookies around November. He says all he wants is his own batch. While I don't think that is all he wants, I know he loves them. They are sugar cookies made from scratch with homemade icing. The recipe is from my namesake, Jessie Rupp and they are quite tasty. Tom and Baylor are also big fans so the amount I need to make continues to grow. The only problem with these tasty morsels is the amount of time they take to make. We decided to split it up into three nights this time. One night we made and chilled the dough, then we rolled them and baked, and finally I iced them. Everyone is happy that they are finally ready to eat today. Joe has already picked up his tubs and taken them home to enjoy! Tis the Season!

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