Friday, December 26, 2008

Twas the Day After Christmas

Watch out new driver!
These new blocks sure are fun!

I like the box the best!

Choo Choo!
Daddy set up Baylor's train tonight. The trick is keeping Coop out of the study.

After a quick sale shopping trip with Mimi the boys and I spent the day at home playing. We opened new toys and played all day long. The whole downstairs was like an obstacle course of cars, trucks, pieces, etc. Both boys had a great time today and really enjoyed their new treasures. Cooper even figured out how to drive his four wheeler. He does run into things but he thinks he is a big deal when he presses the button. Baylor brings Biscuit and Bolt from room to room and they both sat under his chair during lunch and dinner. Slowly but surely we are finding a home for all the new loot. Here are some pictures of our playing adventure from today.

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