Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back to School Night

We were excited for Back to School night.  I think Baylor was a little anxious but eager to meet his teacher.  I can't believe he is in 2nd grade this year!!!!  How is that possible.  His teacher is Mrs. Meyer this year and I know he is going to have a great year.

 Pals.  They are not in the same class this year, but I've told Baylor they can still eat lunch together and see each other at recess.  He really likes Maddy and is protective of her, it's really sweet.
We found his desk and he put all of his supplies away.
 Sydeny is in his class this year.
 Daddy and his second grader.
 Drew, Maddy and Baylor.
 I hope he has a great year!
Afterwards we went to Mama Nita's with the Potter family.  The kids had fun together.  After dinner we headed home to get all ready for the morning and an early bed time.
Here's to a great school year!

Last Day of Summer

 I can hardly believe that today is the last day of summer.  I love summer and hate to see it come to an end.  I love warm days, swimming, playing, fun family activities, boating, and so much more.  We have had a great summer and I know we have made lots of great memories.  Since today was his last day he had a special day with Mimi and Mommy.  He picked the Children's Museum to spend his last day of summer.
 He was happy to be the center of attention and have the day to himself.  He picked Egypt to visit first at the museum.
 He had a great day.
 He loves his Mimi!  We were so happy she went with us, it made it extra special.

 He is getting so big.
 Then we headed to Hot Wheels.
 Such a fun exhibit.
Today was also the last day for the Lego exhibit so we went there next.  He loves to build and create with Legos.  He makes some great things.
 It was so nice to just watch him and not chase the littles around.  At this point, I'm past chasing:).  
 A plane out of Legos.
After lunch we went to the Dinosaurs and then ended our day at Scienceworks.  He got a special prize in the gift shop for back to school from Mimi and some dippin dots to end the day.  He had a great day!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Last Pool Day Before School

 On Monday morning I took Coop to a follow up appointment at the Pediatric GI doctor.  He did great and we can continue without the acid reflux medicine for now and just give him Miralax.  He also gained a pound which is great news.  Afterwards Coop was my errand buddy and we got some things done before heading home to get the big and little brother.  
 We picked up lunch and ate at the pool for our last pool day before Baylor starts school.
 It was another great day to be in the pool!
 Yeah for swimming.
 Happily playing together.  Cooper was the motor and Baylor was the passenger.  Coop took him all over the pool.
Coop is going to miss Baylor on Wednesday when he is at school all day.
 I'm not sure how much Baylor will miss his little brothers;).
We have loved swimming this summer.  Hopefully the little boys will have a few more pool days with Mommy before Sawyer arrives.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

End of Summer Reading Program

 We had a busy day after church.  We ran errands and stocked up on lots of stuff that we needed at our house after being gone.  Then I took the big boys to the library to redeem their final prizes for the summer reading program.  They have been busy reading this summer and logging books along the way.
Baylor has loved reading Horrid Henry and Magic Tree House books.  He also likes Garfield and Berenstain Bears.
 He still likes all books about ocean animals and mainly sharks.
 Love to hear him read and watch him enjoy books.
Some fun on the computer.  We are lucky to have such a nice library so close to our house.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Early Morning on the Water with Daddy

 Our family boating days are over for the season since Sawyer is coming soon.  On Saturday morning the big boys left early with Daddy to wake board with Tony on his boat before Geist got busy for the day.  Baylor did great wake boarding.  Tony is a great teacher and gave him some great tips.  He loved it!
Coop tried wake boarding too but the rope was too big for his little hands.  He was able to knee board and did great.  They loved spending the morning on the water.  When they got home we spent the rest of the day working around the house.  We worked on moving closets and getting everyone settled in their new rooms.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Last Pool Day with Friends before School

Today we went swimming at Mama's house with the Potters and picked up Grant too to spend the day in the water.  Grant's Mommy was at the hospital having her baby so we were glad he could come and swim with us.  Mama came out and sat with us while the kids swam.
We had fun taking underwater pictures.
Coop playing hide and go seek underwater.  He's a funny one!
 Drew and Maddy.
 Grant is even smiling.
 Maddy looks like a fish.
 Doing tricks.
 They all had fun playing together.

 We ordered Mama Nita's for lunch and ate pizza outside.  
 There was lots of jumping too!

 Soon to be second graders.
 Soon to be first graders.
 Having fun together.
Popsicles are great at the pool.
Welcome to the World sweet little one.
Miss Arden Grace Purcell was born at 12:41 today.  We got the text with her picture while at the pool and Grant was so cute.  He said he can't wait to see her.  She has one sweet big brother!