Sunday, July 15, 2012


The water was been so calm and still since the tropical storm, but today there were actually some pretty good waves.
Baylor was the captain and he motored Parker around the waves on his boogie board.  Coop decided he would body surf in the waves.  He loves to swim.
Parker was giggling and having the best time.
Baylor thought it was pretty fun too.
Waiting for a wave.
Hold on.
Getting high.

Then Park did some skim boarding.

He actually throws the board really well.
Taking a break.
Then it was Baylor's turn.
Along with Coop.

They have loved the boards this year!
We had planned to go the drum circle tonight but it was thundering and lightning.  We ended up going to one restaurant and then leaving after not being waited on after 20 minutes.  We ended up at another new restaurant that was really tasty!  We ended our night at Books a Million again.

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