Saturday, July 21, 2012

Super Saturday

Saturday, our last one of vacation, my favorite day of the week.  Daddy was there and was on boy duty all day which meant a quiet day for Mommy and Mimi.  Super Tom took all three boys to the barber in the morning for hair cuts.  They did great and look so handsome.  They ate McDonald's for lunch and then headed to the pool.  They wanted to swim with Daddy the whole time.  Mimi and I stayed at the beach all morning.  We even ate Anna's Deli at the beach.  It was a perfect beach day and the first time all month I actually read a book at the beach.  I loved every second.  I could sit on the beach for hours soaking in the beauty.
The boys were thrilled to have the pool all to themselves and swim with Daddy.
They love the pool.
They love their Daddy too.
Daddy is fun to play with in the pool.
He is such a little fish.

They also love for Daddy to throw them.  Parker always says higher Daddy, he's not afraid at all!
Baylor still thinks Tom should be able to throw him as high, he's a little bit heavier.

Playing together.  I stayed at the pool and swam too until nap and then headed back all by myself.  Daddy took the boys to Demetrio's for dinner and Mimi and I went to St. Armand's.  We ate dinner at Crab and Fin and enjoyed the piano player and a great dinner.  It was a wonderful night.

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