Friday, February 21, 2014

The Lego Movie

Ben rode home on the bus with Baylor after school.  
The boys had fun playing with Buzz.

When Daddy got home we took the three older boys to the Lego Movie.  The really liked the movie and we had a fun night together.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

These Boots:)

With all this crazy weather it was nice to have a fun GNO!  We ate dinner at Qdoba and then headed to Saddle Up for Ladies' Night.  They have a lesson at the top of each hour and then lots of fun dancing.  Let's just say we were definitely beginners but it was so much fun.  Love spending time with sweet friends!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kindergarten Jog A Thon

Today was the kindergarten Jog A Thon at school.  I was able to go early and eat lunch with both of the boys.  It's nice that their lunch times overlap and they both liked having Subway!  I love their gym teacher and was excited to help for the afternoon.  They started out read two books.  Then they traced their feet like the character did in 1.000 tracings.  With all of the kids in the school we have right around 1,000 feet too.  Then they did some warmups before running.  They walked/jogged together around the indoor track area.  In 10 minutes they walked 10 laps.  They all loved their certificates!  Love spending the day at school and seeing my boys with their peers and teachers.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Vet Visit with Bax

Today was Baxter's yearly vet visit.

I dread going to the vet because I am scared of big dogs but love our vet.  I told Tom to pray for me that there wouldn't be any big dogs in the waiting room.

Well there was a dog as big as a horse, 2 pit bulls, and a doberman.

I was thankful I could hide behind the stroller.

Bax did great and we survived and made it home in time before the ice and snow which made for an early dismissal day!

Little helper.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Another Broken Bone for Baylor

Baylor had a game right after Cooper's on Saturday.  Cooper had a birthday party so Tom took Baylor by himself.  Baylor played the whole game but afterward was ready to cry and was complaining about his arm.  Tom said he had a feeling something wasn't right so they called and said they were on their way to Riley.

His wrist was bothering him.  Getting X-rays.

Poor Buddy was tired of waiting.

He resorted to selfies.

They ended up seeing an irregularity in the wrist around the growth plate.  He got a cast/splint that is non-removable that he wears for 7-10 days and then we go back.

He was ready to go home!

Smiling but not overly happy!

Saw slept while Daddy texted us to keep us updated.

Coop the Basktball Star:)

Coop is having a great basketball season.  He is a hard player and is always on the move.  He scored 10 points today!  It is so fun to watch these little guys learning the game of basketball.