Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day and School Parties

This morning Park and I headed out to get some flowers to deliver for Valentine's Day.  He had a hard time picking.  He wanted to get pink for Mama.

We also left a box of chocolates for our postman.

Park wanted to get big roses for Mimi, his girlfriends:).  The two of them were headed to Conner Prairie for a party and then it started to snow lots so they grabbed lunch and watched Valentine movies at home.

Saw and I headed to school to eat lunch with the big boys.

Coop was happy to see us.

Saw was a big hit during third grade lunch. We brought Maddy lunch too and Sawyer sat in between Baylor and Maddy.  He loves Maddy.  

He loves having me come, I know it won't last forever:).

Love them!

We went home for a big then headed back to school for the parties.  

They got to eat a piece of candy.  B picked Fun Dip and had blue teeth!

Baylor and Jack.

All of Cooper's candy and valentines.

I was in charge of Coop's class party so I just got to check on Baylor a few times.  In Coop's class we started the party with Valentine Jingo.  The kids had fun!

Then they made two different heart crafts.

Baylor rotated through stations.  Here they had heart puzzles with multiplications problems, conversation stacking, heart toss, and shot sling shots.

Baylor and Maddy.


In Cooper's class we had four games they rotated through.

They all had fun.

They tossed heart erasers with a spatula into the heart bucket.

They played a little relay where they had to hop over the hearts and then carry a shaker back through the hearts on a spoon.

They also had to shoot an arrow throw the heart.  This was the favorite game!

Then it was snack time.

They played Valentine Jingo too!


He had a great time.

The fourth game was a toss game where they tossed red beanie babies into buckets.  Coop said the bow and arrow was his favorite.  He liked being Cupid!

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