Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baylor's First Game

It was also picture day.
What a great looking team.
Go Reds!

Baylor was the game ball winner at the first game. He did great and was a good hitter and made great plays.
Drew and Baylor. Are they cute or what?

This was suppossed to be our 4th game but with all of the rain outs it was the first. Jame and I were at Women of Faith and Austin had a trade show so Tom took the boys. Drew loved his treats from the snack bar!

Wat to go Baylor!

Great game.

Drew was hustling.

He loves baseball.

Big hitter.

He loved baseball last year, but this year he gets it and is having so much fun. He wants to play all the time.

He is so cute.

Baylor loves when Daddy helps.

Pop is our baseball photographer. I love all the pictures.

I love his dimple.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Bath Paint

Daddy wrote the boys names on their chest with bath paint.
They loved the bath paint that the bunny brought them.

They had it everywhere.

They had to be double washed to get it all off. I would say it is really hard to get off.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two Museums in One Day

He was happy to be out of his stroller and walking on the "trails".
Coop on the big staircase.

We checked out all the outdoor statues around the Eiteljorg.

Love for the Woolly Mammoth.

We went back to the State Museum and went around the first floor.

This was like a mini race track.

Ethan boarding the stage coach.

Playing bean bags.

Baylor was busy playing the music today, it was loud.

Parker found a new broom.

Parker and Ethan had fun putting the objects on the totem pole.

Today after school Mimi, the boys, and I met Jen and Ethan at the Eiteljorg to play. We played for a long time at the Eiteljorg and ate a yummy lunch there. Then we went outside and walked on some trails and ended up at the State Museum. We went back through the first floor to see the Woolly Mammoth again and get more popcorn. We then walked back outside and went around the outside of the Eiteljorg. The boys all had fun and loved being outside too.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Future Fiesta Wearer

Parker went to Mimi and Pop's house the other night while we worked on getting everything out of the game room.
He had fun playing and drinking out of Pop's big cup.

He spilled it all over himself.

The only shirt Mimi had was one of Baylor's fiesta shirts. He thought he was a big deal wearing it just like his bubby!

Born to be Wild

After school we went to the IMAX at the Indiana State Museum to see the movie Born to be Wild.

It was so good and Parker made it through the whole movie!

It was only 46 minutes long which helped but he was dancing and clapping and loved the baby elephants and orangutans.

Mimi got the boys drinks and popcorn and they were super happy!
Coop loved the movie too and kept saying the animals were so cute.

What a great day.

Parker found himself a broom in one of the exhibits at the museum and did a little sweeping. After the movie walked around the museum on the first floor and then went on a few "trails" along the canal.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Going Away Party

Our family with Mammaw and Pappaw.
Tom and his Dad.
Tom is going to miss him so much!

Baylor and Pappaw.

Baylor is really sad that they are moving, he doesn't like to talk about it.

Coop and Pappaw.

Parker had fun playing with Uncle Tom. Look at his cheese face.

Parker was modeling the Alabama hat.

Park and Pappaw.

Mammaw and Pappaw with the cake.

I made an Alabama trivia game that we played at the party. Pappaw got the most points right and Uncle Phil got the least amount of points so they both won Alabama hats.

Me and Tom.

Parker loves Cody. He wanted to be with the big kids.

Baylor and Kate.

We worked together to plan the party. Annie was the one responsible for getting Mammaw and Pappaw to Buca which proved to be a little hard because they were tired from packing and wanted to get carry out. Thankfully they came!

Park was noisy at the party.

The kids had their own table.

The new Alabama residents.

A group shot.

A Couple of Sweet Things made the Alabama cake and our neighbor made cookies for favors. There were fish, boats, and ones that said "sweet home Alabama". They were so cute.

Baylor helped us set up.

They were excited for the party and couldn't wait to yell Surprise!

Tom's parents are moving this week to Alabama:(. We had a going away party for them at Buca with close friends and family. It was a surprise and we were all excited for a fun night. Aunt Annie and I worked on getting everything ready and she had to bring them to the restaurant. They have been so busy packing and getting ready to move on Friday that they didn't really want to go out to dinner, but she finally convinced them and they made it to Buca. It was a great night with lots of good food and family and friends. We are all going to miss them and are sad to see them leave Indiana! We hope they love their new house and lake in Alabama and will be visiting them later in the summer.