Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dinner with Mammaw and Pappaw

The boys with Mammaw and Pappaw at dinner.

We had grilled chicken, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, tomatoes and cottage cheese, rolls, and strawberry shortcake. A great summer meal! We had time to play outside before and after dinner.
Pappaw and Baylor played ball.
Mammaw and Coop.
Tom and his dad.
Park loves the Cozy Coupe.
We did a little dancing before bed.
Pappaw gave Baylor this chalk board from Grandma Hurst's kitchen. We did his spelling words on it to get ready for his challenge list test tomorrow.
Mammaw and Pappaw came over for dinner last night. We had a great meal and enjoyed the time together. They are moving to Alabama at the end of the month, and we are so very sad. The boys are going to miss them terribly. I don't think Cooper really gets it when we talk about the move, but I know Baylor understands and he says he's very sad. We are excited for them but sad for us. They are moving to a lake and are going to be enjoying life on the water for many more months out of the year in a state in the South. This is an exciting time in their lives and we are looking forward to visiting in July.

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