Friday, April 15, 2011

Baa Baa Black Sheep

We went to the loom house and learned about dyeing wool and how thy would spin the wool. Baylor watched him shear the whole sheep.
This sheep is going to have babies any day.
She is already for spring and summer.

He wore the perfect coat for the sheep shearing. Coop loved watching.
He was ready to get to the barn.
We made a cute lamb craft.
He loved adding the wool with lots and lots of glue!

We went to Conner Prairie today for a tykes class about sheep. We read a book, made two crafts, sang songs and had a snack. After our indoor fun we headed outside to the barn. We watched the farmer shear a sheep and learned all about the wool. The boys loved watching and had so much fun. We also got to see all the baby lambs again and one was even born yesterday. After the barn we went to the loom house to watch how they dye the yarn and spin the wool. Conner Prairie is a great place with such wonderful activities for kids. We had another great day!

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