Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two Museums in One Day

He was happy to be out of his stroller and walking on the "trails".
Coop on the big staircase.

We checked out all the outdoor statues around the Eiteljorg.

Love for the Woolly Mammoth.

We went back to the State Museum and went around the first floor.

This was like a mini race track.

Ethan boarding the stage coach.

Playing bean bags.

Baylor was busy playing the music today, it was loud.

Parker found a new broom.

Parker and Ethan had fun putting the objects on the totem pole.

Today after school Mimi, the boys, and I met Jen and Ethan at the Eiteljorg to play. We played for a long time at the Eiteljorg and ate a yummy lunch there. Then we went outside and walked on some trails and ended up at the State Museum. We went back through the first floor to see the Woolly Mammoth again and get more popcorn. We then walked back outside and went around the outside of the Eiteljorg. The boys all had fun and loved being outside too.

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d_freestone said...

Love the joy on the faces of ALL of the boys!!