Saturday, April 23, 2011

Egg Hunt

Before the egg hunt started. They were ready and were scoping out the eggs.
The Easter Bunny was there.

Baylor was off!

Parker is really good at hunting.

They had so much fun.

We ended up having a beautiful day on Saturday and we were able to hunt eggs outside.

He found lots of eggs.

Daddy and Baylor

He had so much fun.

What a sweet boy!

Saturday was opening day for baseball, but with the weather and the amount of rain we have had all of the games for the weekend were cancelled. Since we had a free day we were able to go to Cooper's preschool for an egg hunt. Cooper was so excited for us all to go and he loved seeing his teacher and friends. When he sees one of his teachers from church or school he says "she lives at my school or church". Before the egg hunt started the Easter Bunny was there and all the kids were happy to see him, except for Parker. The boys were in different age groups but they were able to find as many eggs as possible. They all had a basket full and had a great time. After the egg hunt the church had drinks and treats for the kids. What a great day and we were so happy that the rain held off and the sun was out and shining and the weather was warm. We went to Champp's for lunch and then came home to rest and get ready for a busy Easter Sunday!

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