Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back to Bunny

Baylor and his Earth bear.
Go Cooper.

Ethan with his bunny.

He loves Build a Bear!!!!

We went to see the bunny today again. Parker started crying as soon as he saw the bunny. We did get the little boys to get close as long as they sat with Baylor and Cooper. I think Ethan and Cooper look so cute!
Baylor and the bunny.

Ethan ended up being brave when it involved bribery with a sucker.

Peek a boo.

Ethan loved the cheese and took the bowl over.

Today we met Jen and Ethan at On the Border after school. We were there forever and it took so long to get our food so it was a little chaotic. Some of our food never was right but thankfully we all had lots of chips. Afterwards we all went to go see the Easter Bunny one more time before he comes this weekend. Mimi then took all the boys to Build a Bear to get a cuddly. Ethan picked a bunny, Cooper picked a camo bear, and Baylor picked the Earth bear. Parker decided to share with his brothers. We had a great day and were glad to be inside since it was freezing!!

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