Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Baskets and Birthday Bags

Some of the finished baskets. They turned out great.

I'm so thankful Nicole is a part of our Bible study group. I love her and enjoy spending time with her. Carl and Nicole found out this week they are expecting a sweet baby girl.
Sarah and Jamie are so much fun to be around! We met at Sarah Beck's house so her boys could help but she had to teach violin lessons that night. Andrea, Rachel, and Cara couldn't make it but they brought their stuff to add to the baskets.
Coop with his finished basket. He had a hard time leaving the slinky and sticky hand in the basket.
The Beck boys and Baylor worked on filling the eggs with candy. Their babysitter, Miss Emily, helped supervise or they would've eaten lots of candy!

The boys were so funny placing their items, look at Drew's snake hanging out the side.
Maddy was way into the project. She was great at organzing and was by far the most involved child. She loved it!
Jack is one cute kid! His Daddy picked him up so he didn't get to stay very long.
Getting started.
Ethan and Park at lunch.

They are high chair pals.
I think Ethan wanted Parker's pretzel. He was hungry. They had to have a late lunch since we were waiting on furniture.
Some of the finished birthday buckets.
We had three tables filled with items to use in the buckets.
We had Mops on Tuesday and had a great meeting about Easter and worked on a service project. We put together Birthday bags for the Food Pantry. We did around 65 bags and they looked amazing. Each bag received a cake pan, cake mix, icing, and a buckets of toys, party supplies, and goodies to make a birthday special. I know the clients at the food pantry will be thrilled to get these special treats for their children. It was great to work together and end up with so many great things! After Mops Jen and Ethan came over and we waited for our family room furniture to be delivered. Mimi picked up Baylor from school and then we all went to lunch at McAllister's. It can be crazy with four boys but they had fun together! In the evening my bible study group got together to assemble Easter baskets for a Women's Shelter. We have been reading Radical and wanted to start doing some service projects. This book is so good! It left me feeling like I should be doing so much more. The statistics in the book are startling and really make you think. It really is a challenging book. We brought our kids to assemble the baskets to get them involved. Baylor was great at helping and had fun. Cooper had fun but he wasn't too interested in putting the baskets together. He did put one together and then wanted to eat the candy or play with the little toys. We all brought different items and they turned out so good! We made 34 baskets!

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