Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun Night at Mimi and Pop's House

We colored 4 dozen eggs!
Pop and Coop were busy mixing colors.

Mama and Mimi.

I love her!

Baylor did a great job.

Parker worked with Pop.

Master egg dyers.

Hard at work.

We made the cupcakes into Easter baskets and they turned out so cute.

He was using the muffin cups as a microphone.

We made cookie sandwiches with icing and sprinkles.

We gave treat to Miss Brenda, the Mecwan family, Mama and Papa and we took some home too.

He loves helping.

Mimi and Coop.

We all ate dinner together before we got started.

He was happy with his breadstick.

Mama and Baylor.

Daddy and Park.

Pop and Baylor

Our church did something new for Good Friday this year and was open from 3-9 for stations. We all went earlier and then went to Mimi and Pop's house for dinner and a fun night of Easter activities. We ate pizza together and then got to work. We made cookies and cupcakes and decorated them both. We also dyed four dozen eggs. We got little plates together to deliver to people. The boys had a great time and loved spending time with Mimi and Pop and Mama and Papa.

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