Friday, April 8, 2011

All About Balloons

Hard at work. His balloon turned out great.
This hot air balloon was so cute.
Ready for a little toss across game. The boys love Miss Mary.
Balloons are so fun.
We were ready.
Miss Sarah and Park.
The view from above.

Park was all smiles on the ride up. We found our car from the top.
So sweet.
The baby cow is so cute.
The baby lamb is so cute.
Park wanted to touch the goat. The baby sheep tried to get up on the stroller.
After school we headed to Conner Prairie for a Tykes class all about balloons. I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to go but it all worked out great. Mimi and Pop left today to go to Maryland to see Uncle Joe's opera so she was not able to go with us. I knew I couldn't take all three by myself so Miss Sarah went with us. The boys were excited for her to go with us. She stayed with Parker for the indoor portion of the class and I went with the boys. When we went outside she met up with us and we all stayed together. It was such a fun class and it was great that it ended up being a nice day. Miss Mary read a book about hot air balloons and taught the kids about the balloon at Conner Prairie. They made a hot air balloon out of paper and then one with a cup and a real balloon. Miss Mary also did a little science project with hot air, a bottle, and a balloon. They also played a few games with balloons. When we went outside we went through the balloon exhibit and talked with the balloon pilot. We all went for a ride 400 feet in the air on the balloon. Parker was even able to go and sit in his stroller. It was so fun! Before leaving we stopped by the barn to see the baby lambs. They were so cute! We are so happy that the barn is open again. The boys love the animals!

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