Friday, September 30, 2011

Early Birthday with Mammaw and Pappaw

On Friday night we had Mamma and Pappaw over for dinner. They wanted to give the boys their presents before the big birthday party next weekend.
Tom has missed having his Dad close by and was happy to see him.

We had a tasty dinner and strawberries and shortcake for dessert.

Even though it wasn't Parker's birthday he wasn't left out. He got a bag of cars but was most happy with his circus peanuts. He is the only boy that likes them which makes Pappaw happy.

Cooper got to open his present first. He was waiting patiently. He is big into dressing himself and always wants to wear a sweatshirt with a hood or a spiderman shirt. I haven't cleaned out closets yet and gotten his clothes out of the attic so his choices are limited. He is way more opinionated about what he wears than Baylor ever was at this age.

All smiles after opening. He got his very own DS, a game, and a Lightning McQueen case to carry it in. He was so happy. It's hard when your big brother has one and you always sit and watch him play, but not any more little buddy.

Next up was Baylor. He was so happy!

He got real Walkie Talkies and a backpack full of Spy Gear. He loves playing spies at home and will love using all of this stuff.

Mammaw and Pappaw had it charge and ready to go and he started playing right away.

The walkie talkies were charged too and Daddy and Baylor didn't waste any time. I'm not sure who was more excited, Tom or Baylor:).

He also got night vision binoculars, spy goggles, a lie detector kit, and a spy watch. The lie detector kit is quite fun to use.

Daddy liked trying out the goggles too! The boys loved their presents and had a great night. I can't believe one week from today Baylor will be 7!!!!


life rearranged

It's Friday again, the last day of September, and I'm linking up for InstaFriday again. Check our Life rearranged at all of the other great bloggers who are linking up this week.

The crabs for the crab races at the birthday party were delivered this week. They weren't supposed to come until Wednesday of next week so we had to hurry and get ready for them. Now we have to keep them all alive for over a week. Twelve were dead upon arrival. Parker wanted to touch one, but wasn't a fan when Daddy put it in his lap.

Mimi came over this week and helped me assemble all of the favor for the ocean birthday.
Baylor was so happy to see all of the crabs when he got home from school on Friday.
The shells are painted and are so fun. They are huge compared to Hermie and were very active. We had to get sand, a big house, and a few other things but we have them all in a large tub. The man we ordered them from said they would all be fine together, we'll see.

Baylor has been busy writing his own stories this week. They had an author visit their school on Tuesday and ever since he has been on a book writing mission. This one was titled pumpkins and was all about a place called Pumpkin Town. All of the people in the town are made out of pumpkins and they only eat pumpkins too. He is also busy writing about Grandma Smith who is a villain and robs banks, steals motorcycles, and jumps out of jets. Quite a character!

Baylor made a super spy cape and Cooper was his secret spy assistant.

I cooked dinner four nights this week. The pot roast was so delicious, Tom even had three helpings. Cooper ate carrots, which is huge for him!

I love nap time pictures.

We took Maddy to school one morning. They had fun doing some art before we left.

He is a tornado. He made this mess alone within five minutes.

Looking good Mr. Cooper. We were sending a birthday gift at Von Maur and he kept trying on all of the accessories in the girl's department.

Mimi got Baylor a magician's cape. He loves it!

At gymnastics this week they had to try to kick Frankenstein while swinging on the bars.

It was their favorite part.

We love having Uncle Joe home!

He stops over to visit and they are so happy!

Driving buddies.

This week the challenge was to include something you made. I'm not overly crafty but I did make these centerpieces for Mops with the help of my friend Andrea.

We have 8 tables this year and each table is a different game. Inside the box we keep the name tags, pens, paper, mints, and soap. They are super cute on the tables.

We even were able to find all of the games at Goodwill so the cost was very minimal.

Destination Denim Day

Today was the Destination Denim Day for our Mops groups at Von Maur in Greenwood. I was excited for a fun day!
We wanted to do a jeans fitting meeting this year and it worked out that Von Maur invited us to their store for a special event.

The manager of the store was so nice and made it such a special event for the ladies in our group.

We all got a super cute polka dot tote bag and a little bag of goodies. They also had water, chocolate covered pretzels, and little bags of caramel corn for us to snack on during the fashion show.

We had to meet at a certain door at 9:15 am and then were escorted to the department where the show was taking place. It was neat to be in the store before the mall was open. The chairs were all set up like a real fashion show.

They had models dress in casual and dress up outfits and talked about the different kinds of jeans. All of the outfits were so cute.

They gave us a program that talked about different body types and which jeans would work best for our fabulous figures. These were the words they used. They did a great job of stressing that it's important to find jeans that make you feel good and fabulous and not to worry about size or brand. She also talked about how sizes vary so much from designers that a number doesn't mean anything at all and fit and comfort are so much more important!

It was a fun morning and we all felt pampered.

Before the fashion show they introduced a new makeup line that Von Maur is going to start carrying. They picked one of our ladies to have a make up makeover. Trisha Johnson was picked.

We were all excited for the show to start.

The models did a great job.

Her boots were so cute too!

They all had cute purses to complete the looks.

All of the models came back out at the end of the show.

Trisha's makeup looked great.

Picking the winner for the prize. Trenda, the manager at Von Maur, was so easy to work with and went above and beyond. I just happened to talk to her while shopping there one day about speaking at our Mops group and she put all of this together and stayed in contact with me. I love Von Maur!

Cassie was the winner!

Miss Kate was the youngest shopper. She is adorable.

Then it was time to try on jeans. The sales associates were so helpful and everyone had fun trying on jeans without kids. I found a pair I really like. Afterwards I did more shopping with Nicole and Kate. While Nicole tried on clothes I held Kate, I love holding her!