Friday, September 30, 2011

Early Birthday with Mammaw and Pappaw

On Friday night we had Mamma and Pappaw over for dinner. They wanted to give the boys their presents before the big birthday party next weekend.
Tom has missed having his Dad close by and was happy to see him.

We had a tasty dinner and strawberries and shortcake for dessert.

Even though it wasn't Parker's birthday he wasn't left out. He got a bag of cars but was most happy with his circus peanuts. He is the only boy that likes them which makes Pappaw happy.

Cooper got to open his present first. He was waiting patiently. He is big into dressing himself and always wants to wear a sweatshirt with a hood or a spiderman shirt. I haven't cleaned out closets yet and gotten his clothes out of the attic so his choices are limited. He is way more opinionated about what he wears than Baylor ever was at this age.

All smiles after opening. He got his very own DS, a game, and a Lightning McQueen case to carry it in. He was so happy. It's hard when your big brother has one and you always sit and watch him play, but not any more little buddy.

Next up was Baylor. He was so happy!

He got real Walkie Talkies and a backpack full of Spy Gear. He loves playing spies at home and will love using all of this stuff.

Mammaw and Pappaw had it charge and ready to go and he started playing right away.

The walkie talkies were charged too and Daddy and Baylor didn't waste any time. I'm not sure who was more excited, Tom or Baylor:).

He also got night vision binoculars, spy goggles, a lie detector kit, and a spy watch. The lie detector kit is quite fun to use.

Daddy liked trying out the goggles too! The boys loved their presents and had a great night. I can't believe one week from today Baylor will be 7!!!!

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